Friday, August 24, 2012

Viral Vampiress: Michelle Hush the hypnotized vampire

 One thing that goes hand in hand when it comes to vampires is hypnosis.   As long as vampires have been put on film most of them (at least the good ones) have been able to hypnotize their victims in order have an easy meal or as True Blood would call it "glamouring".

Here is something you don't see everyday, humans hypnotizing other humans to be vampires, but that is exactly what the guys at do. 

This website specializes in hypnotizing women into doing some odd but mostly sexy and pornographic things (softcore as in nudity and some implied lesbianism).  Despite the large number of female models used for the site only one seems to get the vampiress treatment while under hypnotic suggestion and thats Sheffield England's very curvy Michelle Hush.

 Being that Michelle is a pornstar for a living believing that this is probably not legit wouldn't be far fetched but when you look like this while under legit or not who cares.

They've worked with Michelle twice.  The first time she was along side fellow Brit model ToniLou.  In part 2 of their shoot (preview below) they perform a roleplay where Michelle is a vampire seductress while ToniLou is the potential victim.  

The second time around Michelle is all alone.  Now the vampire seductress is attempting to lure the cameraman to her room to make him her victim (very sexy stuff).  It ends with a nice vampire strip tease.

Each session is over an hour long with a lot more than just the vamp stuff but none the less the vamp stuff is worth the price of admission.  I would like to see them use this role-play a lot more with their models but until then I definitely appreciate Michelle.  

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