Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Sexy Female Vampires of the "Caress of the Vampires" Saga

OK first things first,  I know what you're thinking "You have the first film and the 3rd film but what about part 2?"  So to answer your question No, I am not getting lazy on you (I do in fact watch these movies from beginning to end before posting about them which explains some of the recent delays in postings as motivation is hard to come by with some of the bad ones) and yes,  I have seen Caress of the Vampire 2 (it comes with the DVD of the original film as a "special feature" though it's more like short bus special than "oooh I want to see this" special).  There are three issues with the movie that will prevent it from being mentioned beyond this opening paragraph.  1 the movie is GAWD AWFUL.  2. There are no sexy female vampires in it and 3. It is not an actual sequel or even remotely related to the two above films.    As a matter of fact it is a sequel to another really bad film in 1999's "The Vampire Strangler" aka 90 minutes of a 19 year old Misty Mundae having sex with her boyfriend in front of a camcorder.  Yep, it's a sex tape that they threw in some horrible attempt of a plot into afterword in order to sell it.  What? You don't believe me.... Here's a sample

Well you see how entertaining that was,  well take almost under aged Misty out of the picture and throw in more guys wearing way too much makeup (effeminate not scary) and that is what you get with "Caress of the Vampires 2: Teenage Ghoul Girl a Go Go".  For the record,  despite the box art on Vampire Strangler, it is implied that Misty Mundae does become a vampire in the film but it's never confirmed so if you're hoping to actually find a movie where she's a vamp,  keep looking as this film is actually supposed to be about a MALE vampire who strangles women.  Until you find an actual film with vampire Misty, here is some evil teasing but not delivering publicity stills of Misty Mundae from The Vampire Strangler thanks to the folks at Seduction Cinema.

OK so back to the actual Caress films.  The only thing that ties the plots of the two remaining films together is the fact that the 3rd installment actually states prior to the start of the movie that it takes place following the events of the 1st film.  The first films storyline revolves around an alien vampire couple.  When a new female moves in next door one of the vamps develops feelings for her.  In the 3rd installment which due to the whole "biting off the success of a more mainstream and popular projects" thing that "B" movies do a lot was renamed "Muffy the Vampire Slayer", a woman is picking up prostitutes and draining them of their blood and a female police detective is put on the case.     Anyway, on to the vampires

Caress of the Vampire (1996)

Paulina Monet
Maybe I forgot to mention but most of the actresses in either film have pretty much never been seen in any other seduction pictures and their characters in these films did not have names.  Paulina is the lead vampire in the first Caress film.  Our first indication of this being a vampire flick is her walking down a street late at night, getting attacked by two thugs just to fang out and suck both dry (leaving both the bodies and apparently really really detailed security camera footage that may or may not be just the VHS of the beginning of the film ala Space Balls).  Anyway she's very greedy as she already has a hot girlfriend that she roles around with in the same outfits repeatedly but it doesn't stop her.  If you like vampire cliche's (fanging out and trying to cover it up because the human she's hanging with cuts herself accidentily or drinks while tipping her head back revealing her neck) then you've come to the right film.

Paige Turner aka Jessica English
This is Paulina's domestic partner I guess.  She really doesn't have much of a purpose in the film other than being an occasional naked distraction from the main plot in her two lesbian scenes with Paulina and the one scene in which she gives some random guy a lap dance before biting him.  She does not speak at all in the film so I guess she supports her fellow alien vampiress going after a human lover. 

Darien Price
The object of Paulina's affection as you can see becomes a vampire herself at the films conclusion stalking what I assume is the woman who has moved into the house formally occupied by Paulina and Jessica/Paige after they are run back to space by the local authorities starting a new cycle of vamp lesbianism. This would have been a good place to start a sequel off (then again since no one actually has names in these films we can always assume that the vamp in Caress 3 is Darien's character in a new era (since a time frame is also not given).

Caress of the Vampire 3: Lust of the Nightstalker (1999)

Sabrina Sadoti
OK I've got to admit I developed a bit of a crush on Miss Sadoti while watching this movie as she has one hell of a figure and the fact that the movie opens with nothing more than her posing with a Dracula cape and nothing else didn't hurt either.  There really wasn't much to this movie other than 4 low quality but pretty hot lesbian scenes (5 if you count the opening credits) a terrible attempt at a side story with the female police detective getting in nonsensical arguments with her boyfriend and bosses and any other guy in the film (Female Detective: "Go back to sleep, I've got to go to work", Boyfriend (angrily): "It's the same shit every day"....Me watching: "What? going to work?").  Did I mention the audio as in the first film is horribly dubbed to the level of an old kung fu movie?  Anyway back to Sabrina, She is the only reason to want to watch the movie and is very good at the vampire role so I was surprised to see that she hadn't been in anything else after this.  After some research I found that she was doing "MILF" porn under the name "Nina Dolci" but eventually was incarcerated and for awhile was prominently featured on the "" website.  Since her profile is no longer there I can assume she is no longer in prison.  


  1. Too bad, lots of wasted opportunities it seems. The women do seem pretty slutty but nothing a few good fang scenes wouldn't help out with.

  2. i can't find Caress 3 anywhere, i vaguely remember liking it

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