Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vampiress Review: The Vampire Happening

The Gist: A Hollywood actress flies to Transylvania after she inherits her families castle just to get caught up in major hi-jinx as she is the spitting image of her great grandmother who is a centuries old vampire.

Clarification: This German film is best described as "The Parent Trap" only with half naked women with fangs as opposed to teenage girls.  The story revolves around the Countess Clarimonde and her using her resemblance to her great granddaughter as a cover in order to roam the night looking for victims without anyone noticing.

Selling Point: This film borders the line on being a softcore porn as it's pretty much guaranteed that if a female is in it, her top won't be on for long.

Female Vampire Factor: Pia Degermark plays a dual role in this film as both Betty Williams (identified by her red painted fingernails and blonde wig)
Pia Degermark as "Betty"
and Countess Clarimonde (identified by Black fingernails, raven haired wig and rose she wears around her neck).
Pia Degermark as "The Countess"
 It's very easy to get confused as to who is who as they switch looks more and more the further in the movie goes.  It gets especially confusing once the two finally meet face to face and you have no clue who is talking.  Part of the issue being that the only personality difference between the two characters is that the Countess has bisexual tendencies and will hit on anything that moves while Betty is just slutty heterosexually.  Either way, they are both very slutty.  Below is a scene where The Countess seduces and takes a bite out of a monk after Betty seduced him during the day and invited him over to the castle.

It's not a bad movie and a great find (and in most cases very cheap if and when you do find it).  There are a few classic movie collections such as 2005's "Vicious Vixens" 3 movie set that includes this film in it.  Plus, when's the last time a vampire film had a giant vampire orgy in it?  This film gets a vampire beauty rating of 4 out of 5.

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