Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vampiress Review: Two Orphan Vampires

The Gist: Two blind girls who reside in an orphanage become blood thirsty vampires after dark.

Clarification:  If you're familiar with Rollins work then you know that his idea of what a vampire is tends to be different than what legend describes them as.   In this case you've got two vampire girls living in an orphanage which is run by nuns (there goes the whole "fear of the cross" gimmick) who can walk into the sun with the only ill effects being that they just can't see in it.  Also they can be killed like any other person could, they just somehow come back (which is never really explained but since the film is partly first person storytelling from the girls point of view the holes in logic are usually described by film experts as Rollins showcasing the girls lack of memory of the details of their previous lives.

Selling Point: In the DVD extra features the main actresses state they'd never do another nude scene again after this film so I guess that kind of makes it a collectors item.  Plus it's vampire school girls.

Female Vampire Factor:  As you might have guessed via the "clarification" this movie isn't your usual Jean Rollins "Show me boobs and fangs" fest that he pumped out in the 60's and 70's.  In fact this movie is often described as a "fairy tale" with the two orphan girls spending a good portion of it meeting different supernatural creatures and learning about them such as the bat lady (below)
Yes, she does look like a solid gold dancer but she is actually a much more advance version of a vampire who attacks like a hawk would instead of seduction like your run of the mill vampire (ala the brides from the film "Van Helsing" without the expensive CGI).

As far as the girls themselves, via their stories they seem to be quite old as far as years existing but their looks (as well as their maturity level) are that of a teenager and they treat the sun going down the same way a party girl waits for the weekend to go clubbing.  Often their careless acts get them in trouble as they really aren't intelligent vampires and often are seen playing with their victims instead of just attacking.  In one instance in the film this ends up costing them a meal and they end up having to feed on each other just to survive the day

Another sign of their immaturity is they tend to tell anyone who'll listen that they are vampires like Bruce Wayne talking to a blonde.  They have a slight ego so fanging out to prove a point isn't beneath them including having a heart to heart about it with two other girls at the orphanage prior to sucking them dry.

Basically this film is about the struggles of being a teenage vampire (every time they got adopted in the past they just ended up killing their foster parents).  There is probably some hidden moral about being an outcast and no matter how alone you are their is someone else that can relate but I will just leave the moral at "Hot teenage vampire girls are really irresponsible". This film gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5

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