Thursday, September 17, 2015

Vampiress Music Video: Passpo's "Wing"

Produced in 2012

Passpo is a J-Pop group which was formed in 2009 thru the Minna de Tsukuru Idol contest and originally consisted of ten members.   During this time period there were nine members (Sakuma Kaho left the group in 2011) and currently they are down to 8 (Makoto Okunaka left the group January of 2015)
 "Wing" is the sixth single from the album "One World".  In the music video for the song the girls are dancing in a church (apparently supposed to be nuns).  One of the members is then attacked by a vampire which starts a chain reaction of girls from the groups turning into vampires and biting other members and turning them as well.
 Eventually we have a Japanese female pop group full of vampires dancing around and singing with vampire capes and fangs. 
 The song itself sounds like pretty much the beginning theme to every Japanese anime ever but I'm not complaining because...Fangs of course.  For the full four minute version of the video click HERE.

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