Thursday, September 24, 2015

Vampiress Review: "The Thompsons"
The Gist: A family of orphan vampires head to Europe to find help for their little brother who was shot and instead end up being hunted by another family of vampires.

Clarification:  This film was the sequel to the 2006 film "The Hamiltons" which originally introduced the family.  The twist in the Hamilton's is that we find out they're vampires that are born that way and in the movies end they change their name to "The Thompsons".  Unlike this film the first film has them more as sadistic serial killers more than blood sucking vampires with the vampirism being a plot twist used for a surprise ending.

This film starts where that film leaves off.  We now know they're vampires so this is a traditional vampire film.  They end up in a restaurant that gets robbed and the youngest member gets shot.  They destroy the bar....
 and off they go in search of help for him as they don't know much about what they are, being they were orphaned and their parents were secretive.

Eventually Francis Hamilton (the ones whose perspective the film is told in) ends up in a bar in England somewhere and has a chance meeting with Riley Stuart and her family that doesn't go too well.  The Stuart family hunts and kills other vampires.  It's different this time as they know about the Thompsons being first generation vampires and need his sister Darlene to breed more.  Long story short you get tons of fighting between the two families in a film that does actually keep you on the edge of your seat for a bit.

Selling Point: A+ level vampire film.

Female Vampire Factor:  You get one on each side of the battle.   For the Thompsons you get one half of the twins Darlene Thompson (Mackenzie Firgens).
 Her and her twin brother do everything together (including sex and feeding which go hand in hand).  She has a very smart mouth and an extremely short temper.

For the Stuart family you have the matriarch (Selina Giles)
 You get two sides to her,  there is the housewife, motherly caring side, then there's the psycho sadistic vampire side.  She uses the first side to trick the Thompsons into a false sense of security (IE she might be the trustworthy one) when in fact she's probably the worst of all of them which is the greatest surprise when revealed toward the films end and she becomes SUPER violent fangs blaring.

Now the Stuarts also have a daughter as mentioned above named Riley (Elizabeth Henstridge) but for whatever reason the vampire gene didn't effect her at all so she's basically the Marlyn Munster of the family who is used to bate others.   Even with this being the case Francis does have a dream about being bitten by her during sex so at least she fangs out in a dream sequence in topless lingerie.
This is a downright great vampire film and highly recommended.  I give a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  Even without the women it would be entertaining but the fact that they're as bad ass as they are makes it all the better.

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