Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Vampiress Episode: "Poltergeist: the Legacy"
"Darkness Falls"
Season 3
Episode 1

"Light of Day"
Season 3
Episode 2

Poltergeist: the Legacy was a Showtime original series which aired from 1996 to 1999 (switching networks twice during it's run to Sci Fi & USA).  The series was about a group of researchers who collected artifacts that often had mystical powers.  In other words just an updated version of Friday the 13th: The Series

The first two episodes of the last season of the series to air on Showtime were vampire related.  Even though the episodes have different titles they are actually two parts of the same story hence the title referring to a single night (the sun going down in part one and coming back up in part 2).  

As the story begins in the episode "Darkness Falls" Alex (played by Tommy Chongs daughter Robbi Chong) takes a trip to New Orleans (where half the population is vampires if you go by most TV and films).  While there she runs into an old college friend named Justine (Sarah Strange).  As Alex vents about her professional and life frustrations Justine informs her that she has changed for the better and can help make her life better as well and that's when we're shown that Justine is a vampire and takes the first bite.
Eventually Alex goes back to Legacy and starts to fall ill.  At this point she just pretty much becomes Lucy Westenra from Dracula.  No one knows what's wrong with her but she gets sicker by the day because every night Justine flies into her window and takes more blood.

This leads to Alex becoming a half vampire with the only thing left to make her a full vampire is to make her first kill and legacy member Nick becomes her target.
This episode ends with Justine getting a stake through the stomach and Alex going off with another master vampire.

In "Ray of Light" we pick up with Alex being taken by the master vampire who wants to make her one of his brood.  This episode is basically just a search and rescue episode.  Meaning it is less about the vampires and more about the members of Legacy going to find Alex. Because of this most of the vampires are just background characters.

At the end of the episode the master vampire kidnaps Nick so that Alex can finish the job and become a full vamp which she almost does.
 But as always in these kinds of episodes she is then reminded that she's human and not like that.
Followed by her snapping out of it and killing the master vampire herself via decapitation which releases her from the vampire curse.

So basically its a movie split into two parts and has a very "Forever Knight" feel to it.  I enjoyed "Darkness Falls" much more than I did "Ray of Light" but it is a very recommendable story as a whole none the less. 

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