Monday, October 29, 2012

The Sexy Female Vamps of "Friday the 13th The Series"

Friday the 13th the series was a television show which aired from 1987 to 1990.  It was the first in a group of television programs that would attempt to draw in viewers by being named after successful horror movie franchises.  Though it shares it's name with the series of movies which revolved around a hockey masked serial killer who targeted teenagers the series had no relation to the movies whatsoever.

Instead the premise of the show was about an antiques store which sold "special" antiques.  Specifically the antiques had magical powers.  Every episode revolved around the crew who ran the store looking for the evil antiques and in most cases dealing with whatever evil being was in possession of them.  In three cases, their search brought them in contact with vampires (only two will be relevant to this blog).

Vampiress Cast

Diana Barrington (Marie Simmons: Season 1, Episode 13 "The Baron's Bride")
Mrs Simmons was a widow who was in possession of a cape, but it wasn't just any cape, the cape allowed the wearer to time travel.  When the antiques shop crew shows up to her door to try to take possession of the artifact they find her (with bloody fangs baring) drinking the blood of a stranger who got to her before them.  While they make short work of her, the guy (now a vampire himself) and the cape take off through time with shop owner Micki (Louise Robey) as his prisoner and the crew must follow to save her.

Jill Hennessy (Season 3, Episode 8 "Night Prey")
The eventual "Crossing Jordan" star played minor parts in a few episodes of the series while cutting her teeth in the acting business.  In this episode from the shows final season she plays a woman who wants a lot more from her date than just his company.  Leading the guy down a dark alley she seduces him and while kissing "accidentally" bites his lip and draws blood.  From their she fangs out and makes a meal out of the guy.  Leaving him in the ally she runs into the episodes buzz killing vampire hunter and it doesn't turn out well for her unfortunately.

Genevieve Langlois (Michele: Season 3, Episode 8 "Night Prey")
In the beginning of the episode we see that the guy we know as the vampire hunter was married to this lovely woman and enjoying a good time before she is kidnapped by a vampire.  Well some years later after dedicating his life to destroying the creatures, he finally catches up with that vampire that kidnapped his wife.  Once dealing with him enough for him to leave he makes short work of another female just to find that the woman who was feeding on that woman was his wife Michele.  If you're into girl on girl biting then Michelle is the vamp for you as that's pretty much all she does in this episode.

Helen Sofos (Season 3, Episode 8 "Night Prey")
This would be the woman who was being fed on by Michele.  They were laying in bed together with her in her night gown and it was a beautiful moment just to be ruined by Michele's vampire hunting party pooping husband. 

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