Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Vampiress Episode:"Night Man"

"Constant Craving"
Season 1 
Episode 12

Night Man was a syndicated American television series which aired from 1997 to 1999.  The show revolved around a jazz musician named Johnny Domino.  Domino was struck by lightnening one day which gave him the ability to recognize evil and to function without sleeping.  With special bullet proof armor that allows him to fly among other things developed by his partner Raleigh Jordan he uses his ability to become a superhero.

In this episode a European Countess comes to town and hires Johnny's dad Frank to protect some cargo she has shipped into the US with her.  Unfortunately where ever she goes death seems to follow, first with Johnny's drummer who's car had fallen off a cliff after a date with the Countess and then with the customs officer who was in charge of checking the Countesses cargo.  Obviously it seems to be too much of a coincidence and the police hall her in but without evidence they release her.  Johnny as Night Man follows her as she goes to visit a blood bank and when he confronts her that is when he finds out what she truly is. 

Vampiress Cast

Lysette Anthony (Countess Erica Bolen)
The veteran vamp actress who also starred in Dracula: Dead and Loving It as well as the 1990's remake of Dark Shadows bares her fangs one more time as the ultra glamorous Countess.  Though it looks as if she is just your run of the mill vampire seducing men for the purpose of sucking their blood (SPOILER) we eventually find out she's the exact opposite.  She no longer wants to be a vampire and has found a way to reverse her condition which includes taking small blood samples from people with specific blood types.  Unfortunately Count Stanislaus Voslkov aka the man who turned her doesn't want that to happen and will do anything including setting her up by killing those who's blood she plans to use to prevent it from happening.

The episode (as most in the series) comes off pretty cheesy but to say Lysette Anthony looks great in a little black dress (which she wears different variations of throughout the episode) is an understatement. 
Sure Doctor, I always give blood in my evening gown.
Eventually she does get cured of her vampirism by the end of the episode when she takes a bite out of Night Man (somehow through his suit so her fangs must be truly sharp since that suit is supposed to be bullet proof) who's blood type is the last she needs to fully return human.


  1. Lysette Anthony for the vampiress trifecta; Nightman, Dark Shadows and Dracula!