Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Sexy Female Vamps of "Os Mutantes" franchise

The Mutants "Pathways of the Heart" (that's what that says above right?) is a Telenovela (that's Spanish for soap opera but with a lot more cleavage) which aired on the Rede Record Network in Brazil from 2008 to 2009.  The plot is pretty cut and dry,  Brazil is full of mutants some are good (and we called them the League of Good) some are bad (and we call them the Evil League). Long story short the bad ones hang together and do bad things while the good ones hang together to stop them while the government hates and wants to eliminate both of them. (yep, it's the plot of X-men..or Heroes whichever you prefer). 

Eventually (similar to what the ABC Network did with "Port Charles") to liven up the show they started adding your stereotypical Universal monsters to the show such as Werewolves and most importantly (to us) Vampires and other vampire like creatures (Felina for example is a type of cat monster which equals out to nothing more than a vampire minus the contacts but with long fingernails).

Telenovelas (ok it actually is television novel if translated to English but I like my version better) are known for being ridiculously over the top with the drama and this is no different though it is a lot more enjoyable (for all the wrong reasons).  For example Nati who is a vampire but who does not associate with the League of Vampires (because even Vampires have to be a part of an evil labor union in Brazil I guess) goes into Golem (that's a Lord of the Rings reference) type arguments with herself whenever her blood thirst tries to take over her good judgement.

To be honest, I can never get tired of this show and would love to see something like this air on Cinemax after dark as this pretty much has the same entertainment factor as Baywatch in the 90's in that we know they are trying to do a "serious" show but in the end it's nothing more than a group of lingerie models and former Playboy playmates playing pretend.

Vampiress Cast

Bianca Rinaldi (Samara)

Carolina Holanda (Dr Gabriella)

 Amandha Lee (Felina)

 Karen Junquiera (Furia)

Mayte Piragibe (Nati)

 Nanda Ziegler (Bianca)

 Louise D'Tuani (Rainha)

 Ana Varanda (Pati)

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  1. I loved this series and for me the female vampiress factor rating was through the roof. Telenovellas usually have the most beautiful actresses anyway and to vampirize them was absolutely fantastic. Such as disappointment it's no longer on the air.