Friday, October 26, 2012

The Vampiress Episode: "Baywatch Nights"

"Night Whispers"
Season 2
Episode 9

Baywatch Nights was a syndicated night time television series which aired for 2 seasons from 1995 to 1997.  It was a spin off of the daytime beach drama series which was famous for casting Playboy playmates as lifeguards. Because of that last fact, Baywatch Nights didn't enjoy any of the success that it's daytime beach predecessor did.   After all, if you take the beach and the plastic barbies in bathing suits away from the show you really don't have too much.  In this case the show came off as Night Rider but without the cool car. 

That is until the shows second season when out of disparity they attempted to turn it into an X-Files style paranormal drama which gives us this hidden gem of an episode (an especially momentous feet considering how bad the actual X-Files dropped the ball on episodes dealing with vampires).  

In it Detective McBride (Angie Harmon) while jogging finds a fellow jogger murdered.  The strange thing is that he has been drained of all his blood.  The prime suspect is a sexy but strange british woman who wears all black.  Once the detective notices that the woman doesn't cast a reflection in the mirror she's convinced that she is a vampire and attempts to convince Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) the same thing.  This ends up being an easier task than she thinks because the alluring vamp now has an obsessive crush on Mitch and will destroy everyone in his life until she can have him.

Vampiress Cast

Felicity Waterman (Francesca)
Francesca is one of my Top 10 favorite television vampires of all time. Waterman, the former Knots Landing star was old school every step of the way with her classy black evening wear and black capes. In my opinion the best female vampire stories are the "fatal attraction" ones as they tend to combine just the right amount of sexy and scary when done right.  She was a cannibalistic killer to anyone else who crossed her path but when it came to Mitch she was just an over aggressive suitor. How can you not get a bit turned on when a sexy woman with fangs gives you a dark stare right in the eyes and says "either you're going to be with me or I bite and kill everyone you know".

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  1. Felicity Waterman was totally unknown to me and an absolute beauty! Too bad she didn't get more fang time, there were way too many missed opportunities to see her completely vamping out. And if there was only some way to get Angie Harmon involved with that too...!