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The Sexy Female Vamps of the "Vamps:Deadly Dream Girls" Saga

Vamps: Deadly Dreamgirls was one of the more popular "B" movie projects in the 1990's.  It was one of the first in the category to go into the whole "strip club run by female vampires" subject that eventually was reproduced countless times since. Unlike the first film to deal with the subject (1986's "Vamp" starring former Bond villain Grace Jones) the strippers in the club actually stripped. Another aspect that drew the underground cult status the film garnered was the level of females that were used which was impressive for a genre that usually just sticks to unknown actresses who work cheap.

The story follows a young girl named Heather who decides to become a stripper in order to raise money to get out of town after a messy breakup.  One night on the job she spots a former high school friend of hers in the crowd who she hits it off with right away and starts to fall for.  Problem is he has become a priest (not a very good one since all his spare time is spent watching bad vampire films). On top of the problem of falling for a guy that can't love her back the owner of the strip club, a vampire named Tasha wants Heather for herself and is more than happy to get Sheamus out of the way in order to get her. 

Another selling point for the film is that it is basically a parody of itself.  Sheamus the Priest is a big time vampire movie buff who reads "Draculina" magazine and collects memorabilia and is probably a tribute to the type of people who attend the fan meet and greet conventions these film makers attend regularly so what better way to draw your audience than to make them the hero of a film they're guaranteed to watch. 

In 2002 Vamps 2 Blood Sisters was released.  Originally a sequel was planned FAR earlier but never happened though the end of the first movie hints at a much bigger story. That was ignored for the most part making Vamps 2 more of a nostalgia flick than a full on story continuation.  On the bright side, the DVD to Vamps 2 contains BOTH movies so it's worth taking a look at.

Vampiress Cast

Vamps Deadly Dream Girls

Jenny Wallace
(Tasha: Vamps1)
 Natasha is the sexy man hating owner/head stripper of the Vamps strip club in the first film.  Turned by the vampire queen herself her reasons for building a harem of female vampires is never really addressed but all the girls she picks seems to have a dislike for disrespectful men as a common attribute.  The more men problems they have, the more she likes them and getting revenge on the guys who hurt them is always a part of her new recruits vampire initiation. 

Amber Newman (Randi - Vamps 1,  Elizabeth - Vamps 2)
 Randi acts as the enforcer to the girls at Vamps.  Our first meeting with her is when she takes a rowdy club patron who attempts to manhandle one of the dancers to a back room to have her way with him then drain him dry.  From there you mainly see her just doing Tasha's dirty work.  In the 2002 sequal, she returns as Randi's twin who goes to Vamps in order to get revenge on the crew who murdered her sister who now runs the strip club.  Bonus Selling Point: The would be Cinemax skin flick queen in the 90's was barely 18 when the original movie was shot. 

Jennifer Huss (Heather - Vamps 1)
The girl next door who ran into some bad luck and has a knack for making poor decisions based on emotion.  Outside of that she is pretty easy to fall for as Father Sheamus found out.  She's also not too bad of a stripper for someone with no experience doing it. 

Lorissa McComas (Vampire Queen)
The former Playboy and Penthouse centerfold only appears briefly in the movie during a dream sequence in which Tasha remembers how she originally became a vampire.  The queen turns her as a reward for doing her bidding.   As the movie ends it's hinted that the queen would eventually be coming for all of them and in the special features there is a promotional video from Lorissa hinting that the Queen would be a major part of the sequal but I guess a lot changes when the production gets pushed back six years.

Vamps 2: Blood Sisters


Glori Anne Gilbert (Heather - Vamps 2)
 What better way to explain cast changes than to just say "We're Vampires and are capable of shape shifting".  That's exactly what they do for Heather (as well as the character Tabitha) in Vamps 2: Blood Sisters".  Honestly I absolutely love how the beginning of the movie is pretty much nothing but them playing off the fact that Heather (now nicknamed Tanya) is MUCH more buxom now and how happy Sheamus is about it.  This is one of the few movies you'll find where they not only acknowledge the cast change but acknowledge the former actress as well (Any picture of Heather in the film is of Jennifer Huss as that is how she looked when she was human back when she could be photographed I assume).

Shelby Taylor & Zoe Ciel (Opal & Sapphire - Vamps 2)
 Opal and Sapphire are the vampire posers who will do anything to get Elizabeth to turn them.  They do absolutely everything together short of talking in unison (though they do finish each others sentences).  Elizabeth sends them to Vamps to become dancers in order to be her people on the inside.  Eventually she does turn them and as part of her plan has them bite one of the dancers in order for Elizabeth to take her spot on stage and ambush the Vamps crew.

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