Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vampiress Review: "Fright Night 2: New Blood"

The Gist:  A young college student fears for his life when he finds out his art professor is really Countess Elizabeth Bathory who is now an immortal vampire.

Clarification: So first things first....As I've delved into in the many preview blogs I've done for this movie basically Collin Farrell NEVER HAPPENED. In fact, this isn't a sequel at all it's the reboot we should have gotten back in 2011 (if you can't tell I liked this movie so much more).  If you were a fan of the original film (and/or it's 1988 sequel) you will absolutely LOVE this film as it seems they put a lot more effort into recreating the feel of those films as opposed to the 2011 film which seemed to be more about creating a new version of an old movie (the same complaint I had with the remake of "Total Recall" also starring Collin Farrell).   What I mean by that is though the film takes place in a modern era, the characters are almost exactly what they were in the 85 film, Charlie is the nosy kid that doesn't know when to mind his business. Amy is a prude and evil Ed is just as obnoxious as he was in the 85 film which makes this all the more enjoyable.  Peter Vincent is back to being a television show host (as opposed to the corny Vegas magician they made him into in the 2011 film) but this time to modernize it a bit the show he hosts "Fright Night" is a ghost hunting program.

Selling Point:  As I said, they did it right this time

Female Vampire Factor:  One of the biggest questions regarding this remake was how the character of Gerri Dandridge (Jaime Murray) would be handled.  Basically she's a hybrid of the 85 Jerry and the 88 Regine Dandridge characters.  While the film pretty much follows the plot of the 85 film to a tee just changing the location to Romania you do get a number of scenes of Gerri teasing Charlie while seducing her victims that reminded me a lot of Julie Carmen's character in the original Fright Night 2.
Fact of the matter is, she makes getting murdered by a vampire seem downright fun.  It looked like she was practically raping Evil Ed in the scene where she catches up with him.
If there was one disappointing thing about this film (and pretty much this is the only disappoint thing) it's the handling of Amy (Sacha Parkinson) turning into a vampire.  Unlike the other two versions of this story, there is no gradual turn and no seduction involved.  As a matter of fact, she's kind of like an alligator in a pool of blood that Charlie has to wrestle with.
The thing is with this film that's more of a nit pick than anything as there is more than enough seduction with Gerri being the hot teacher who "fraternizes" with her students and all.  Anyway, this film while not the greatest female vampire film of all time is light years better than the last attempt to I will give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  These types of films don't come around too often so enjoy it.

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  1. I think Amy's slow turn in the original is one of the best moments in any vampire movie so this one was a big disappointment for me. It had everything going for it until they decided a female vampire scene should happen three-quarters under opaque red water. Seriously, WTF. If there's a better way to spoil any actresses' great hair, makeup and wardrobe besides dipping them in a hidden wet mess, I'm not sure how. It could have been so good...