Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Babysitters a Vampire officially cancelled!

Though it had already been a far gone conclusion being that the summer has come and gone already "Fresh TV" put out a release on it's website officially announcing there wouldn't be a 3rd season of "My Babysitters a Vampire".  The release does leave the option open for a second movie and announces the series inclusion on the Netflix Instant View library.  To read the full release click HERE

The show which revolved around a teenage boy who gets a babysitter due to his parents lack of trust for him and ends up finding out that not only is she hot and in the same grade as him but she's also a fledgling vampire after getting bit by her boyfriend, started out with a strong first season after it's movie but season two seemed to turn the show into a live action Scooby Doo type series.  No longer was the show about vampires but instead being about a crew of teenagers saving their school from random strange entities that would somehow end up in their town.  That was when they were not pushing an awkward teenage love story on it's viewers.     

For more on the positives of the series check out my rundown HERE.

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