Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Vampire series set for FX in Summer of 2014

So Guillermo Del Toro's graphic novel about a virus turning people to vampires and humans hoping to survive has now been added to the FX networks Summer 2014 lineup.   Now normally I would be very happy with this since I am an advocate of vampirism being more of a primal thing and not just regular people who just happen to live off of blood but can function normally otherwise (Twilight and Vampire Diaries I'm talking about you) but in this case not so much as in the graphic novels for Strain, vampires are almost a whole other species from human similar to what was seen in the movie The Priest or the super vampire eating vampires in Blade 2.  

Films and TV shows like this I consider a whole other genre than vampire as the whole fear factor that came from the vampire was that unlike any other thing to fear in the night, ANYONE could be the monster so you didn't know where the threat was coming from and if that threat was especially attractive, what were you going to do?  With this, it's no different than your run of the mill zombie genre (which is only second to vampires in media overkill in the last decade).

My ideal vampire situation is more in line with the 2005 indy film Night Fangs.  In that film the vampires had all the stereotypical vampire special powers and looked exactly like humans (other than the fangs of course) but much like zombies they were completely primal.  Their only want was blood and that's it.  Another example was the 2004 film Dark Town which also followed the plot of a plague of vampirism spreading like wildfire through a major metropolitan area.  Once again, once they were completely turned while retaining the ability to talk and looking pretty much the same other than fangs their motivation was only one thing and that was to feed and spread the disease.   

So obviously this is FX's attempt at snagging the Walking Dead audience while the show is on hiatus for the summer but my money will still be on True Blood as far as the summer of 2014 Summer audiences go.  Especially since it will have a similar story (with sexier vampires) and because it will be the shows FINAL SEASON.

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