Thursday, November 21, 2013

True Blood Cancelled! Season 7 will be series Final

This is why you don't show a penis on your season finale...  HBO has announced that Season 7 of True Blood which will air in the summer of 2014 will be the series finale.  When we last left the citizens of Bon Temps a plaige of zombie vampires were about to attack the towns folk and the non zombie vampires were being paired up with their own human to protect them (and in return the vamps can feed on them to keep them from getting infected).  As for the series itself it's had its ups and downs.   Personally I wasn't a huge fan when it started as with the style of storytelling it uses you have to watch the entire series from beginning to end (which I eventually did thanks to Netflix and HBO Go) to understand anything that's going on.  Otherwise its just really really gay (as in a lot of homosexuality) and some of the mid season episodes are just beyond dry (especially during the reverend Newlin church storyline during season 2).

With that being said I'm sad to see it go as it is a sign that the vampire trend (thus female vampire sub characters) is coming to an end. Enjoy 2014 as much as possible because 2015 is looking more and more bleak as far as vamps go. 

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