Monday, January 7, 2013

Fright Night 2 Remake Is On It's Way

According to, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment green lit a straight to DVD sequel to the 2011 Fright Night remake and began production just a few weeks ago.  Per the synopsis they gained access to, many of the main characters will be returning for the sequel (more than likely portrayed by different actors as most straight to DVD sequels of big screen films do), mentioned specifically are the characters Evil Ed, Charley Brewster, Amy and Peter Vincent.

In the original Fright Night sequel which was released in 1988, Charlie had moved on to college but was being haunted by his experience saving Amy and his mother from vampire Jerry Dandridge and was seeking therapy.  One night while on a date with his new girlfriend he sees a dark and mysterious woman (Julie Carmen) who he begins to become obsessed with.  What he doesn't realize is that the woman is Dandridges sister who is there to seek revenge on Charlie and Peter Vincent for killing her brother and that his obsession comes from her manipulating his mind.

Carmen's role as Dandridge was one of the best instances of a female vampire main character since Camella Karnstein in the hammer horror films and it's arguable that there hasn't been anywhere close to a true sexy dominant evil female vampire main character in a film since (Though Angie Everheart in "Bordello of Blood" was a very good attempt)
Julie Carmen as Regine Dandridge in the original Fright Night 2
Just as the original remake was only loosely based on the original film this new take on the sequel does take some creative license on the story but one thing does thankfully remain the same.  The main antagonist is in fact female though instead of being a performance artist named "Regine" it is now a college professor named "Geri".  The only downfall from information released is that "Geri" doesn't want to be a vampire and the key to her being released from her curse is Amy's blood (though it does give the potential promise of a hot girl/girl bite scene).  What we also know is that "Geri" will be played by Jaime Murray.

Jaime Murray is the newest bloodsucker in the Fright Night franchise
  As you can plainly see, the resemblance between the former Dexter star and Julie Carmen is definitely there. There is no doubt that this was probably on purpose.  Also the movie is reportedly supposed to take place in Romania which she also would represent very well if Geri is of Romanian decent.  Either way I'm looking forward to seeing what she brings to the franchise.  Until the movie is released here are some pictures of the lovely miss Murray to admire.


  1. My hopes were so high and dashed so badly for the first Fright Night remake that I refuse to get them up for this one. But now here we go for the roller coaster again: Jaime Murray is a vampire (good) and a hot college professor (very good) who doesn't want to be a vampire (very bad) who may engage in some girl-on-girl vampire action with Amy (extremely good!) Very high potential on this one but I'll just have to wait and see...

  2. Come on Hollywood if You can't make it, or get it Right, then just don't do it at all. Or get a better DIRECTOR & Storyline, Storyline line like how the Brother & Sister VAMPYRES BECAME WHO THEY ARE & HOW THEY ORIGINATED FROM ACROSS SEAS. Stick to the Sister's Revenge for Her Brother. And Hollywood pay some big amount $$$$ to bring BACK the ORIGINAL CAST from the 2011 film. Just the Alive Ones. It's gotta play in the THEATERS.