Thursday, January 10, 2013

Vampiress Review "Lady Dracula"

The Gist: The last victim of Count Dracula tries to live a normal life when she's revived in the 1970's.

Clarification: This film is a comedy (more of a spoof really) of the vampire genre but a lot more entertaining as a serious horror and less funny than your average spoof.  Basically a girl who was bitten by Dracula is awoken in 1970's Germany, lives a somewhat normal life with a job at a funeral parlor and attempts to have a love life.  Problem is, her self control is almost non existent so even though she primarily feeds from already extracted blood from her job or at blood banks, if the opportunity arises to drink from the tap, it's being taken and the bodies begin to pile up. 

Selling Point: Evelyn Kraft is HOT

Female Vampire Factor:  There's only one but she is the movie so that's ok.  She starts off young as that is the state she was in after Dracula turned her and she got locked away in her coffin.
A young and hungry Barbara played by Marion Kracht
But after she feeds she grows up and in a major way

Evelyn Kraft (Barbara von Weidenborn)
 The late German actress was a knockout to say the least, even in the ugly yellow EVERYTHING she wore throughout the entire film.  The looks she gives her potential victims when that "I think I'm going to kill that person" light clicks on is beyond sexy not to mention the heavy breathing and moaning she does as she goes in for the kill (seems like she REALLY enjoys being a vampire).  Her performance alone gives this film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  Any actress that plays a vamp needs to study her in this movie as she is the standard when it comes to the act of feeding on camera.  Directors on the other hand probably not because otherwise its very cheesy, she does after all transform into a rubber toy bat. 

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  1. Cool, I've been looking forever for this movie. Good to see someone finally put it online.