Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vampiress Review: Vampire Stakes

The Gist:  3 Vampires go around a town turning other people into vampires and its up to a small group of hunters to stop them.

Clarification:  Basically this movie has a really deep back story about an alternate dimension where vampires rule humans with only a few human survivors left sort of like a vampire incarnation of the Terminator.  Being this is an indy flick of course they don't really have the budget for that so you just pretty much hear about it.  Anyway the Queen vampire and her two head generals end up in our more human friendly dimension in order to turn all the humans here.  Some of the last surviving humans end up here as well to hunt them down (which results in the question, if they could have left the evil vampire dimension for a non vampire one wouldn't it have just been easier to evacuate all the humans from that one to this one?)

Selling Point: See Female Vampire Factor!!!

Female Vampire Factor:  What can I say, there definitely isn't a shortage.  As a matter of fact, you can't really go too long in the film without a random hot chick with fangs showing up as you can see below.

As a matter of fact (!!SPOILER ALERT!!) I believe there is only one female in the entire cast that isn't or doesn't become a vampire

 That doesn't even factor in the main vamps.. The Vampire Queen

Leanne Chamish

 And her large breasted henchwoman

Syn Devil

 Basically if you watch the entire movie on mute it's about a group of guys who run around sticking wood in hot women and their guy friends for 83 minutes all controlled by another hot woman who likes watching her friends have sex.  For that the movie gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 OUT OF 5.   This movie was far superior to the other film I reviewed from TimeWarp Films "Vampire Sisters" and that's without anywhere near the T & A factor that one had. 

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