Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vampiress Music Video: Raluka's "All for You"

"All For You"
Released in 2012

All for you is a single by Romanian artist Raluka.
Raluka in her sexy vampire dress from the video for "All For You"
The video for the song takes place in an old creepy castle.  Basically Raluka spends the song singing to a pale guy with big hair ala every female friendly vampire popular in the media today.

The selling point for guys in this case is the different combinations of gothic dresses and lingerie she wears while haunting this guy.  In the end we realize that he is apparently mortal as he leaves the creepy castle into the daylight.  Obviously she is not since as she watches him leave from a window we see the sunlight start to disintegrate her.  This unfortunately is the only way we know she's a vampire as she does not have fangs.

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