Monday, July 9, 2012

Vampiress Review: "Vampire Sisters"

The Gist: A Brood of female vampires use an adult website as an elaborate way to bring victims to them. 

Clarification:  This is one of those movies where the concept is GREAT, the acting itself isn't terrible overall for a "B" grade movie but the execution is way too over the top bringing the overall experience down.  It looks like a vampire movie (and is supposed to be one) but in actuality comes off as your run of the mill "B" movie slasher film complete with scene after scene of cheesy special effect driven death scenes.  Using logic you have 3 women complete with fangs who's goal is supposed to be to feed on men for nourishment so why exactly are they wasting the one thing the need to live by spreading it all over the floor and walls because they're killing guys with hooks, power drills, axes etc?  Also if they aren't going to use their fangs after seducing the guy then what's the point of having them not to mention couldn't they just pick up random people off the street and do the same thing?  It just seems like a waste of what otherwise would have been a decent movie.

Selling Point: The weird lesbian scene between Syn Devil and Isabelle Stephen.

Female Vampire Factor: This film get a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.  Despite all the above complaints the vampires in this film get a lot of screen time as the movie does revolve around them.  Though they seem a little too old for the part of 3 women who live together running and posing for an adult voyeur website in school girl costumes etc. that complaint is a nit pick as they are very attractive none the less.  If you like B movie gore or you can look past it, the concept is an extremely good one.

Vampiress Cast

Jeannie Michelle Jameson (Stacy)
Stacy acts as the brains of the operation which seems to make her the leader of the group.  She's also very tall and very aggressive. It is her duty to keep the others in check and make sure everything runs smoothly while protecting their identities.

Darla Albornoz (Dawn)
Dawn is the "Glamor" of the group.  Her role is to be the carrot on the string to bring the victims in.  She is very sexy and knows how to bring the poor unsuspecting victims fantasies to life.  Her in her cute costumes are the last thing most of these men see before they die.  

 Syn Devil (Tasha)
Tasha is your classic dominatrix type.  She doesn't say much but with all the leather and PVC and chains she seems to have an obsession with she makes all kinds of noise (literally as in most scenes you can hear every step she takes).  She also has a thing for women as stated in the "selling point" where she goes out on her own and brings in a young french girl to have odd lesbian sex (eats her out from across the room via an elongated tongue and killing her that way).

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