Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Vampiress Episode: "Big Wolf on Campus"

"Everybody Fang Chung Tonight"
Season 3

Big Wolf On Campus was a Canadian television series which aired from 1999 to 2002 including a run on the ABC Family Channel in the United States.   It revolved around a young man named Thomas Dawkins who after being attacked by a wolf during a camping trip becomes a werewolf as a result.  Most episodes then follow him as he uses his wolf powers to protect the town he lives in from other various supernatural creatures who show up to wreak havoc. One of the stars of the series Rachelle Lefevre went on to vampire fame as the original "Victoria" from the first two Twilight films. 

In this episode Thomas' best friend Merton gets a call on his radio show from a female who is interested in him and asks him out.  Thomas ends up going out on the date with them as the young lady has a friend who needs a date as well.  The catch is they are only interested in gothic guys which results in Thomas having to dress goth and go by the name "Asmodius".   It doesn't work out too well between Thomas and his date Kristina as he wasn't that convincing at being a goth by talking about his varsity sports background and watching basketball the whole time. On the other end Merton and his date Cassandra hit it off real well and she asks to be alone with him.  Once they're alone in the car she reveals to Merton that she is a vampire which freaks him out despite her repeated attempts to let him know she doesn't feed on humans.  

Merton though attracted to Cassandra is very paranoid about her being a vampire.  He tries to figure out a way to make her human again but she comes up with a plan to make him a vampire instead.  Though he's undecided about the whole thing it comes to pass anyway as Kristina ends up turning him in order to keep him from stopping the two vamps from going after Thomas (they only feed on werewolf blood).  The only way to turn Merton human is to destroy Kristina and even then Merton has to choose between his best friend and his new vampire girlfriend. 

Vampiress Cast

Jennifer Rae Westley (Kristina)
  Kristina comes off as very cold and unemotional and her only role in the episode is to lead the charge in retrieving the werewolf blood that the two girls need to survive. She's also the one who turns Merton through an innocent looking bite to his arm.  

Erika Rosenbaum (Cassandra)
Cassandra was just a lonely vampire looking for love that really didn't want to hurt anyone.  With her type of vampirism she didn't even feed on humans and only fed on the blood of werewolves.  It's questionable that had they not been low on a steady supply of the stuff, there wouldn't have been any issues between the two and they could have been happy together (though either way she probably would have turned Merton).  In the end Merton becomes human again but he does let her go (Kristina wasn't so lucky).  Just the thought of having to let a teenage vampire hoty like this go is pretty depressing.  

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