Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Sexy Female Vamps of "Sanctuary"

Sanctuary is a Canadian television series which has aired on Syfy since 2008.  The show follows the story of Dr Hellen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) who runs a Sanctuary for beings with extraordinary powers called "Abnormals".  Most episodes of the series has her along with her staff hunting down the more dangerous "abnormals" which are normally you standard run of the mill horror creatures.  A big part of the folklore of the show revolves around vampires (with vampire blood making Dr. Magnus immortal) though in the universe of Sanctuary the vampire race is pretty much extinct.  Here are some of the exceptions of the fairer sex.

Ashley Magnus (Emilie Ullerup: Season 2, Episode 1 "End of Knights")
Ashley is the monster hunting daughter of Dr. Magnus.  In the premier of the second season she is given vampire blood and transformed into a vampire/transporter hybrid along with 5 others.  This results in her becoming evil and turning on the members of the Sanctuary including her mother.  Eventually she comes too long enough to kill herself along with the last hybrid in order to save her mother.  What a shame.

Meghan Ory (Laura: Season 2, Episode 10 "Sleepers")
 A vampire beauties fan favorite after the blogs on "Supernatural" and "Vampire High" Ory this time around plays a young drug addict who gets sent to a rehab facility in Mexico which promises to take only a week to clean you up.  The catch is that the facility is run by Nikola Tesla who happens to be the last vampire in existence and the treatment used at the facility is an altered form of his blood.  All is fine with the treatment until its found out that upon the death of those who get the treatment they come back as vampires (starting with Laura's boyfriend who gets in a fatal car accident).  Once the privileged young drug addicts find out what they've become they embrace it and attempt to bring the vampire race back. Ironically it would be Tesla himself who puts an end to it by providing a cure which he accidentally gets himself as well.

Adrienne Carter (Season 2, Episode 10 "Sleepers")
Another one of the spoiled brat drug addicts from the episode "Sleepers". She just kind of hangs out in the background while all the cool kids talk but is good for several fang shots throughout the episode.

Aliyah O'Brian (Afina: Season 3, Episode 16 "Awakening")
In this episode Dr. Magnus along with now former vampire Nikola Tesla stumble on her tomb on an expedition.  As they explore the inside a booby trap impales Tesla who is now in danger of bleeding to death.  With his final wish he asks for Hellen to read to him the characters on the wall of the tomb but in doing so she ends up unlocking a hidden door which housed Afina's body encased in crystal.  She ends up drilling a hole in the crystal and extracting her blood to give to him turning him back into a vampire but due to the hole, the crystal ends up shattering and Afina comes back to life.  Much to the dismay of Tesla the only other vampire on the planet is a total bitch who wants to enslave everyone resulting in Tesla and Magnus having to work together to stop her.  Afina had a lot of lesbian tendencies (lots of lightweight hitting on Hellen) but the real star of the episode was her cleavage.  I would have LOVED for them...I mean her to become a regular character.


Unfortunately it doesn't seem like vampires will be apart of the shows future but I will continue to hold out hope that Afina is truly not dead.

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