Friday, June 22, 2012

The Sexy Female Vamps of "Vampire High"

Vampire High is a teen drama that aired during the 2001 - 2002 television season on YTV in Canada.  The show revolved around a group of young vampires who are sent to a boarding school by the vampire elders to try and civilize them.  It is explained that humans have developed the technology to hunt and kill vampires so the kids are sent to the school in order to teach them to not be as instinctual so that eventually they can blend in with human kind.  The kicker:  the school houses normal students that are taught during the day so unknowingly to the humans the vampires and humans are all under the same roof.

 If you tell me that Stephanie Meyer (the author of Twilight which was written one year after this show was cancelled) wasn't at least slightly influenced by this series I would call you a liar.  The main character is a lonely tortured teenage girl (played by multi time vamp actress Meghan Ory) who falls in love with (get this) a romantic vampire who's main issue keeping them apart was his vampire nature. On top of that the other vampire students include a blonde with an attitude and a brunette with mystical powers including reading minds.  If that doesn't sound like Rosalie and Alice from Twilight then I don't know what does.  This show could easily act as a prequal to Twilight with this acting as an explanation of how the Cullen kids were trained to become "vegetarians".  

The series has quite a cult following in Canada and is kept alive through it's creators.  In 2009 the creators made an E-book of what would have been the shows second season which is available through their website (which you can go to by clicking the "Vampire High" banner on the top of the page).  In 2011 a documentary was created which is also available on the website called "Vampire High: Ten Years Later".

The Vampiress Cast

Karen Cliche (Essie Rachimova)
Essie is basically "the hot one" of the show.  She's the glamorous seductive blonde with an attitude used to draw the male demographic into having some interest in what would otherwise be a female catered romance fest of a show.  One look into her eyes and she can make you do whatever she wants.  There's a possibility that might be a vampire power but looking at her I'm not positive that the power just isn't because she's just hot.

Ilona Elkin (Merill Young)
Soft Spoken, nice, kind of man hungry and jealous but the most willing subject in the experiment to de-vampire the vampires best describes "plain Jane" Ilona (which means don't look for much fangy action from her.  As mentioned above her thing is she can hear peoples thoughts which means the poor girl has to listen to the groaning between Vamp Drew and his human obsession Shelly (which sucks for her as she has a thing for Drew prior to her quality time with fellow vamp Marty). 

Dillan Vanderson (Marianne Farley)
Dillan was one of the newer human students at the school (aka mid season replacement as the character "Shelly" was being killed off) who had a run in with blood crazed night school vamp Karl (also new).  As a result she showed signs toward the end of the first season that she had been turned. 

Bridget (Katherine Giaquinto)
So if we're continuing with the whole "Twilight bit off of this show big time" (no pun intended) theme then this would be your "Victoria".  Bridget was a rogue vampire who wasn't into the whole "trying to get along with the humans" deal that the rest were being taught.  On the run from government agents, she's the one who shows up to the school and leads young Karl astray resulting in Dillan ending up on this list.  Had the show been renewed for a second season both these characters more than likely would have been explored MUCH more.

So there you have it.  Seemingly the show would have gotten much more interesting in season 2 with Dillan possibly being a day walking vampire living among the day school (human) students and Bridget still being on the run but it was pretty decent while it lasted.  Also unlike the copycat Twilight saga the vampires at least looked the part.



  1. You mentioned Meghan Ory was a vampiress in other shows, what were they? She's quite beautiful.

    1. She's the last one I mention.