Sunday, June 10, 2012

Vampiress Review:"Twilight Vamps"

The Gist: A nice guy who's down on his luck catches the eye of the owner of a vampire strip club

Clarification: Jack is a nice guy who's just a tad naive for his own good.  Instead of taking life into his own hands he depends on the effect of his lucky rabbits foot to change his luck for him.  Unfortunately that doesn't work out too well as in a 24 hour period Jack looses out on a promotion at work to his less qualified best friend, looses his girlfriend to her FEMALE best friend and looses his savings to his now former girlfriend.  Pretty much the only positive that happens to him is when his best friend/new boss takes him out for a celebratory night at the strip club where the diva in charge Tabitha takes a liking to him.  This really comes in handy when the cops wrongfully arrest him for his friends disappearance.

Selling Point: It's an all around entertaining erotic comedy that includes hot vampire strippers and 2 girl-girl scenes.

Female Vampires Factor: This film gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  Three sexy female vamps pretty much in either next to nothing, or actually nothing in every scene they're in.  If you're in to fetish lingerie, you get a lot of it in this film.

Vampiress Cast

Brandin Rackley (Tabitha)
Tabitha is the head Vamp in charge of the "Shadows" strip club.  She's also a dancer there as well (and a damn good one).  Tabitha seems to have an instant connection with innocent dejected Jack almost immediately and even gives him her home address and gets him out of trouble when the police blame him for something one of her girls does.  She would be the perfect girlfriend is she didn't decide he'd make a good snack after being in a threesome with him one night.

Christine Nguyen (Angela)
The most aggressive of "Shadows" vampire strippers, Angela does most of the killing in this film including being the vamp who does in "Roger" (Jack's friend).  She is also the one who Tabitha sends to do most of the physical work which includes breaking Jack out of jail (but not before testing Jack out herself just to see what Tabitha sees in him).  She easily has the most entertaining personality of the group. 

Ashley West (Amanda)
Amanda is the first vamp you see in the film but is also the least important to the overall story.  Basically she's just eye candy as pretty much if you see her, she's going to get naked.  Her and Tabitha have sort of a bi-sexual relationship as toward the end of the movie prior to Jack arriving the two are having a super hot role in the hay which becomes a threesome when Jack arrives. 


  1. Nice review, thank you. Some very pretty women, but do they all have Bugs Bunny fangs or the real (canine) ones?

    1. The fangs aren't on the canines in this film but you really have to be paying attention to notice.