Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vampiress Review: "Fearless Vampire Killers"

The Gist: A vampire hunting professor and his goofball assistant head through eastern Europe in search for vampires and end up having to save a village girl who was kidnapped by them.

Clarification:  This movie has always been one of my absolute favorites just for how absolutely random it is.  It had the look, feel and sexuality of a hammer horror feature but wasn't serious at all.  The thing that sets it apart is that the comedic parts of the film weren't thrown at you like your comedy parodies of today but instead were very subtle.  Another thing about this film is it was a trend setter.  There is nothing that you will see in this film that you won't see in any episode of True Blood today which is one of the top television series of the day. 

Selling Point: Having Sharon Tate teased in front of you for an hour and twenty minutes

Female Vampire Factor This film gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.  This film only has one key female vampire in it.  The high rating is based solely on how they use her (or don't use her).  You can pretty much tell the director (Roman Polanski who also stars in the film) had a thing for Tate as she is all over the film from beginning to end.  Her characters turn is done in such a way that when she finally fangs out it is an absolutely beautiful thing.

Vampiress Cast

Sharon Tate (Sarah Shagal) 
More than anything this movie is an exhibition of how absolutely hot the late actress was. Whether its seeing her in beautiful gowns or just butt naked taking a bath her role in the film is almost nothing more than just being absolutely seductive and hot which she did very well.  After admiring everything about her for the entire film, their is no better payoff than in the final scene of the movie she finally fangs out.   

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  1. Sharon Tate was truly beautiful. When I found out she was one of those in the Charles Manson murders I was pretty freaked out by it. Such a loss.