Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vampiress Review: Dracula: Dead and Loving It

The Gist: Masters of comedy Mel Brooks and Leslie Nielsen come together to spoof the 1992 film "Bram Stokers Dracula"

Clarification: One of Mel Brooks last entries in the movie parody genre, this film pretty much mocks the absurdness (Dracula's odd hair style) as well as the extremely high sexuality from the 1992 Francis Ford Coppola film. 

Selling Point: Any scene where a woman under Dracula's spell acts very sexual and the men on the other end are frightened by it "because they're British".

Female Vampire Factor: This film gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5. Pretty much any movie based off of the 1992 film will get a perfect rating as long as it includes the sexuality of it in some form and because this movie goes out of it's way to point out how over the top the sexuality in Bram Stoker's was, you can't complain too much. 

Vampiress Cast

The Brides
 In their one and only scene in the movie (but one of the funniest), the brides (Darla Haun & Karen Roe) come in to Renfields room as he sleeps and begin to grope the bed.  From there they get into the bed with him and start to dry hump him.  Renfield goes from appalled to loving it making some of the oddest noises before Dracula comes in and ruins it. 

Lysette Anthony (Lucy Westenra)
Anthony plays a very buxom Lucy in this spoof.  Vampire Lucy uses her cleavage to try to lure Jonathon Harker into letting her bite him.  This is not Anthony's only time sporting the fangs as she also played a vampire in an episode of the short lived series "Night Man".  For Dark Shadows fans she was also the evil witch "Angelique" who put the vampire curse on Barnabus in the 90's revival of the series as well. 


  1. Wow- Excellent posts. Please keep postin these ladies. Louis_Ezra

  2. i know this sounds dumb but any african american female vamps?

    1. not a dumb question. There are it's just not very frequent. The reviews I've already done that have them are....

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      Plus almost every adult website review and vampire compilation I've done has had at least 1

      Keep checking back because there are a lot of reviews coming up with African American female vampires (including at least 2 straight to DVD films with all black casts)