Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Viral Vampiress: "Count Frankenfurter"

In this film a lonely young woman (Kasey Johns) preparing to spend Halloween night by herself stops by a convenient store for a quick meal.  There she buys a special pack of hot dogs that are only available in October.  She then takes them home to cook them but one of them comes to life and bites her on the neck. 

Returning to the convenience store shortely after she's now dressed very sexy.  She walks up to the clerk sprouts a set a fangs and lunges.

However corny this might sound it's probably a lot worse but the thing is, in execution its actually pretty entertaining and the girl becoming a vampire at the end is quite the payoff.  Definitely worth taking a look at.  

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  1. As far as short flicks go... This is actually quite awsome. The cinematograghy, acting, and all around short story script is well done. Props to Damvester!!!