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Sexy Vamps of the "BloodRayne" Franchise

BloodRayne is a popular video game franchise that has spread beyond that medium into comic books and a not so successful movie franchise.  The story revolves around a Damphyre named Rayne.  Similar to Blade her mother was raped by a vampire leaving her to be born both half human and half vampire and hungry for revenge against the species who harmed her mother.   

While the games where extremely successful the movies based on the games were not.   Part of the issue had to do with the amount of creative licensing the producers did with the franchise.   The video games were dark, bloody and action filled with Rayne being portrayed as a sexy bad ass with a smart mouth appealing to the comic book audience immediately.  When introduced on the big screen Rayne was more sensitive and torchered and the movies came off as more artsy period pieces than action horror.  To make matters worse, the original movie (also hands down the best in the series despite the story issue of making it a prequel to the games) came out around the same time as the first Underworld movie which was instantly compared to the video game version of BloodRayne and thus more successful.    Now years later, Underworld is a HUGELY successful franchise while BloodRayne has fizzled into nothingness with Uwe Boll (director of the films) even making an absolutely HORRIBLE parody of the 3rd film in the franchise called Blubberella.  Here's hoping that with the amount of franchise reboots that have been popping up, someone (not named Uwe Boll) with real imagination and a perverted mind tries their hand at this title one more time.

BloodRayne (video game)
Of course we're going to start off with the video game character.  Why?  Simple, she's very realistic, very sexy and as you can see has posed topless for playboy.  BloodRayne was so hot that in the second installment of the game the creators added a feature where you could change her outfit from her normal black and red leather getup to different varieties of sexy evening gowns and schoolgirl/cheerleading uniforms.  It's a shame that THIS BloodRayne never made it to the silver screen. 

BloodRayne (Big Screen)
The first installment of the film was the only to be released worldwide in theaters and starred Kristanna Loken as Rayne.  This film took place sometime in the early 1800's and introduced Raynes background as a former circus freak who escaped after a guy tried to rape her. In the melee that followed she got her trademark swords from her best friend whom she accidentally killed during her blood rage.  The rest of the movie is an adventure about her looking for her father Kagan for payback.   The movie wasn't as horrible as critics made it out to be but if you were a fan of the game franchise it was EXTREMELY disappointing.  At least you get to see her bite a few women in it including Michelle Rodriguez (below) plus an obligatory topless sex scene. 

 BloodRayne (Straight to DVD releases)
 You've got to give it to director Uwe Boll.  The man is consistent and will see an idea through to the end (no matter how bad an idea it truly is).  Such was the case of the two straight to DVD sequels to 2005's Bloodrayne with "Deliverance" in 2007 and "The Third Reich" in 2010.  DVD Rayne is played by Natassia Malthe and the one glaring problem with this version, There's barely any fangs for Rayne.  She fangs out at least once in both movies but unlike in the first movie it goes by so quick you can't really enjoy it. Actually I take it back as I can forgive that.  The one glaring problem is that DELIVERANCE IS A WESTERN.....WTF? 

Boll tried to make up for it with Third Reich as this film actually somewhat follows the story of the first game. The Bloodrayne costume makes it return in this film as well as more sexuality with a well placed topless lesbian sex scene but by that point most (with good reason) had given up on the franchise.  At least as long as Boll has anything to do with it. 
Third Reich
Third Reich

Played by Safiya Kaygin, Svetlana was a prostitute who ratted out Rayne to the Nazi's in the movie BloodRayne 3: The Third Reich".  For her service she was rewarded by becoming lunch for the Commandant who was now a vampire (accidentally turned by Rayne).  She then wakes up in a cage as part of the evil Dr. Mangler's experiments on vampire weaknesses.  She tries to seduce him into letting her out of her cage but lunges for his neck when he opens the door and is met with a combination of holy water and a stake to the heart.

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