Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vampiress Music Video: ZZ Top's "Breakaway"

ZZ Top
produced in 1994

If there was ever a female actress that was born to play a vampire it was Fairuza Balk.  Who wasn't scared to death yet slightly turned on at the same time while watching her as a gothic evil school girl witch in "The Craft".  Even in The Waterboy you look at her like "She's so flipping hot but looks like she'd murder me and eat me" as Bobby Boucher's well meaning girlfriend. It Could be the large (yet sexy) mouth and almost constant crazed look in her eyes?  Who Knows?

Fairuza Balk
    Anyway in this 1994 mini series...sorry, I mean music video (It's close to seven minutes long) Balk plays a hot gothic looking girl (So I guess she's playing herself right?) who gets hit on by a guy while riding in the passenger seat of her friends car.   The two hit it off and start dating but you notice that she has tons of weird quirks on each date like not eating regular food and sensitivity to sunlight.  Eventually it looks like the guy in the video might get some but gets a strange feeling about the situation and leaves (it could be the creepy guy that's hanging around but that's just my guess).  Balk not one to be turned down apparently fly's over to the guy "Forever Knight" style in downright the hottest one piece vampire/dominatrix getup since Transylvania 6-5000, handcuffs him to a fence and rapes him (WOW!).  After that she takes him back to her place lays him down on her bed shows her fangs and starts drinking from him which he seems to enjoy.  

After that you wake up and remember that was just a music video completely unable to remember what life was like before you saw it.  Forget what I said before,  If there ever was a girl who you were almost positive REALLY WAS a vampire in real life.  It would be Fairuza Balk.  Enjoy the video.

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