Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vampiress Music Video: LMFAO's "Champagne Showers"

Champagne Showers
LMFAO featuring Natalie Kills
Sorry For Party Rocking
Released in 2011

This is one of those video's that doesn't make much sense but it's got 6 hot half naked female vampires in leather in it so there isn't much to complain about. 

Basically the duo walk into a night club that is being occupied or run by Natalie Kills who seems to be the lead vampire (but unfortunately the only female to not show fangs).  
Natalie Kills
When one of the group members decides to pop open a bottle of champagne he accidentally cuts himself causing the vampiresses to loose control.  As the boys try to run out the club they're met at the door by a DJ Jesus (I guess) who offers them Holy Vampire killing Champagne that they use to destroy the women.  

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