Friday, April 13, 2012

The Sexy Female Vamps of "Young Dracula"

Young Dracula is a television show which has aired as part of the CBBC lineup in the United Kingdom since 2006.  The story revolves around the Dracula family lead by Count Dracula in their attempt to live life in Stokely, Wales as they were run out of Transylvania by angry peasants.  Dracula has 2 children, daughter Ingrid and son Vlad.  Vlad as legend has it is destined to become the "chosen one" and lead vampires to greatness but the likeliness of that happening seems pretty slim since he is more enthralled with living life like a normal kid then sucking blood and wreaking havoc.  On the other hand.......

Ingrid Dracula 
Played by Clare Thomas, Dracula's oldest child and only daughter Ingrid is very evil and cold hearted.  During the first season and a half of the show she came off as more of just a snobby teenage girl but on her 16th birthday she fully came into her vampire powers (in the episode "Sweet Sixteen" in which her "evil vampire self" chased her in order to merge with her "pre vampire self" turning her into a full vampire.) converting her personality into more of a dark vixen with aspirations of vampire domination including but not limited to killing her own father and brother if that is what it took to get it.  Long story short, she takes after her mother. Below is the episode "Therapy" from season 3 which is an entire episode of Ingrid vampire flashbacks.

 Magda Westenra
Played by the unbelievably hot Donna Grant, Magda is the ex-girlfriend of Dracula and mother to Ingrid and Vlad.  As the story goes Magda left Dracula for a werewolf and is very self centered and evil.  Because of that Vlad loves his mother but sees her as she truly is while young Ingrid (who is very much like her) sees her as a bit of a role model.  That was until the season 1 episode "Mums Return" (which was her first appearance) in which Ingrid began to get a bit jealous as her obviously gorgeous mother began to get more attention from  the men who she was used to having grovel at her own feet than she was.  Since that episode Magda is rarely seen which is sad because as you can see.  Seeing her is good thing.  

Ingrid's Vampiress Liberation Army
In the season 3 episode "Hit Chicks" (Below) Ingrid in an attempt to accomplish her plan of domination turns a group of  teenage girls into vampires creating her own posse of female vamps to do her bidding (at least the ones that survive Ingrids attempts to kill her brother Vlad as she forgets to tell them the rules of being a vampire and many end up offing themselves).  The girls all wear schoolgirl uniforms reminiscent to the Britney Spears music video for the song "Hit Me Baby One More Time" which they parodied in the Season 3 episode "Blood Loyalties".

Adze Ramanga
Played by Nathasha Stokes she is the would be bride of Vlad introduced in the third episode of Season 4.  As part of an arranged marriage set up to strip Vlad of his powers as the "chosen one" by several sabatores including his father and sister she would then have the ability to override his say that includes a truce between vampires and humans that is preventing the vamps from feeding on them which has upset many of the more traditionalist vamps. Unfortunately for vamp fans the evil vampiress that could easily give Ingrid a run for her money doesn't make it to the end of the season.

Erin Noble
For the record, I always hated the hair.  Anyway, played by Sydney Rae White, Erin WAS the vampire slayer girlfriend of young Vlad.  The reason I say was is because in Season 4 after an unfortunate run in with Vlad's forced fiance Adze, Erin was struck by a fireball and near death.  This prompted Vlad to turn her in order to keep her alive.  Instead of being grateful though she began to hate him for it but oddly enough began to get very close to Ingrid.  Women...Go Figure.