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Sexy Female Vamps of "Port Charles"

Port Charles was a daytime soap opera which aired in the United States on the ABC Network from 1997 to 2003 (and reran for several years beyond that on cable TV network "SoapNet").  The show was a spinoff of the longtime daytime drama "General Hospital" but aimed at a younger demographic which more than likely was its downfall as the target audience that would watch it was not home at the time slot it usually aired, and this was during the infancy of DVR's.  This show very much fit in to what eventually became common place on nighttime TV with shows like Supernatural, Vampire Diaries and True Blood.

 The show revolved around residents of the city of Port Charles (where General Hospital is also located) but had specific storylines or "Story arcs" as they were called that lasted about 3 months at a time and usually dealt with some type of supernatural force wreaking havoc throughout the town similar to True Blood.

 The story arcs with the most success was the vampire ones beginning with "Tainted Love" which saw an evil vampire named "Caleb" come to town and wreak havoc while trying to claim the doppelganger of his long dead love who lived in the town.  From there whenever ratings tanked "Caleb" came back to life and a new vampire story arc started. 

So now that we've got the explanations done,  here is you Port Charles femme vamp roster.

Gabriela Garza
Played by the lovely Ion Overman, up until the "Tainted Love" arc, Gabriella was a nice girl who grew up in a respectable Hispanic family and worked as a nurse at the hospital.  Then she started to act weird.  As the story went on she began to distance herself from her family as well as her fiancĂ©.  One day, during a fight in which her fiancĂ© confronted her about her strange behavior, she admits to seeing another man.  As he storms off in anger he accidental cuts himself and begins to bleed.  She immediately goes from cold hearted and angry to concerned for his well being so much so that she calls him back, grabs the bloody arm AND BEGINS SUCKING THE BLOOD!  Yes, that is how you find out this story arc was about vampires.  This came completely out of the blue, a main character goes from normal to vampire in a number of weeks with no hint that the story had any supernatural involvement at all.  From there the show begins to explain how she got that way and who did it to her but I've yet to see any movie or TV show pull off a twist like that where there is absolutely NO WAY you saw it coming.

Olivia "Livvie" Locke
Played by former Playboy Playmate, Baywatch Beauty and Dancing With the Stars champion Kelly Monaco, Livvie found herself the object of evil vampire Caleb's obsession starting with the "Tainted Love" story arc.  In another of MANY innovative plot twists that this show will never get the credit it deserves for pulling off, after Caleb finally gets his hands on Livvie, convinces her to love him and turns her into a vampire, she eventually becomes so evil that by the end of the shows run he almost wants nothing to do with her and even sides with a vampire slayer to try to get rid of her.  It's the equivalent to Dracula the most evil vampire of all turning one his brides just for her to say thank you, turn around and bitch slap him, lock him in a dungeon and destroy Transylvania single handedly.  Or just the "Akasha" character from "Queen of the Damned". 

Elizabeth Barrington
The socialite mother of show regular "Allison Barrington",  Elizabeth (played by Rebecca Staab of Dark Shadows reboot fame) came to town during the story arc "Naked Eyes" after her husband (Allison's father) went missing but she didn't come alone.  She had a new boyfriend who was none other than the Leader of the rock group "The Steven Clay Experience" Steven Clay.  The problem with that is, "Steven Clay" looked EXACTLY like now deceased vampire Caleb Morely.  Eventually we find out that Steven and Caleb ARE the same person but he now has a magic water concoction that keeps his vampire side at bay.  Problem is, he eventually turns Elizabeth (which you can see HERE) who doesn't like the stuff and begins biting pretty much any guy she comes in contact with because she's lonely (as Steven/Caleb is using her to make Livvie jealous). Below is a scene where she gets outed as a vampire to her daughter Allison as she bares her fangs and bites a guy who was attacking her.

Reese Black
Played by Mariam Parris, Reese was the guitarist of the "Stephan Clay Experience" (the band headed up by vampire Caleb Morely in disguise).  Everyone in the band was a vampire excluding drummer Ricky Garza who was added when they came to Port Charles.  Immediately Reese had a thing for Ricky and wanted to be able to be the one to turn him.  Reese was very grungy, needy and extremely jealous of those who she believed had a better life than her own rough upbringing.  So much so that she tried to turn Allison Barrington just for being rich and having friends. Things got much worse for her when she was thrown into the magic spring that released the vampire curse from her thus in her opinion stealing the only real identity she ever had. Eventually she found a guy who was willing to put up with her MANY negative personality quirks (as his ex before her was literally the most evil female on the planet so you can only go uphill from there). So she had a bit of a happy ending in the end though the sub plot that she was probably the sister of Allison Barrington was never addressed. 

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