Sunday, April 29, 2012

Vampiress Music Video: Haddaways "What is Love"

Even though this song will forever be remembered for the "Roxbury guys" sketches on Saturday Night Live, the music video will always remembered (for the few who remember it) for the half naked female vampire/dancer who romps around during it chasing Haddaway.
Would you run from her?
The premise of the video is that Haddaway goes to this womans really scary mansion/castle with flowers as he is trying to win her over.  Unfortunately he doesn't realize that she along with the other girls in the house are vampires and they go after him.  Eventually she catches him, bites him and he turns into a vampire as well.   There are no fangs so you kind of have to read between the lines with this one by the way they're dressed (or in the main vamps case, not dressed other than the cloak).