Friday, April 27, 2012

Sexy Female Vamps of "The Hunger: The Series"

The Hunger was a television series that aired from 1997 to 2000 internationally including on "Showtime" in the United States.   Though it shares a title with the 1983 hit vampire film, the series was a collection of short horror stories much like "Tales From the Darkside" and "Tales From the Crypt".  The main difference between those shows and this was the "after dark" audience the show was aimed at as each story had a softcore porn quality to it. 

Even though it shares a name with a vampire film, it wasn't overrun with them but occasionally they did show up (unfortunately all killing in manners other than fangs to the neck).  Here is the run down.


 Isabelle Cyr playes Carmilla, the vampire mentor of a virgin named Neville who is a newly turned vampire in episode 13 of the first season titled  "A Matter of Style".  The poor guy is stuck over thinking the whole vampire thing as it includes being intimate with a female which he's never done.   Eventually she disguises herself as a human in order to give him his first time (in both sex and feeding) building his confidence and making him a better vampire. In this episode Vampires feed through a single elongated fingernail to the neck.



Claudio Besso plays the female incarnation of Neville in the season 1 episode "A Matter of Style".  As one of Carmilla's idea's to help Neville get his first kill she helps him shape shift into an attractive woman to try to seduce guys.  Unfortunately this method also doesn't work as he comes on WAY too strong, thus scaring the victim he chooses away.

Claire (Sofia Shinas) was a vampire who was traveling the world looking for food in the season 1 finale "Footsteps" (episode 22).  Eventually she makes it to Paris where in the midst of her killing spree she meets up with a vegatarian named Luc.   That's when she finds out that he too is a vampire and teaches her that killing is not necessary to eat.  Vampires feed through a slash made by a claw type hand in this episode.

Princess Daragan Draculas
In the season 2 episode "Nunc Dimittis" (episode 5), Princess Dracula's servent is dying and before he dies he must find a replacement.  Played by Marina Orsini she spends most of the episode looking like an old hag but upon finding a new young assistant who must drink from her to stay alive after being stabbed she seems to age backward

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