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Sexy Female Vamps of "True Blood"

Based on the "Sookie Stackhouse" novels, True Blood is a series that aired on the HBO network in the United States from 2008 to 2014.  It follows the life of a young girl with special powers who lives in rural Louisiana in a world where vampires have revealed themselves as real when a doctor creates an artificial blood substitute that provides an alternate solution for them other than killing humans.  The blood is sold in stores under the brand name "True Blood".  When Sookie meets a vampire named Bill Compton, her once simple life gets turned upside down and she becomes a major player in many supernatural wars.  Now....On to the vamps...

Played by Aunjanue Ellis, Diane is the first female vamp to appear in the shows first season.  Looking like she is still in the 1970's she came to Bon Temp with two other vampires in an attempt to track down their friend Bill Compton and seemingly mooch off of him for a bit.  Unfortunately for her she happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and became a victim of the vampire serial killer which the first season was based on. 

Played by Katelin Chesna Henke Taryn, though a bit character is important as she is the first vampiress to feed on the show.  Unfortunately for her she did it in a bathroom in a bar owned by the sheriff or her parish.  Hopefully the fat bald guy was worth the meal as her appearance in the season 1 episode "Escape from the Dragon House" didn't end well due to Sookie's psychic powers.

Pam De Beaufort
Played by Kristin Bauer, Pam is second in command of the Louisiana parish which the show takes place and also the manager of the "Fangtasia" bar owned by the sheriff of the parish Eric Northman. Pam is kind of like the muscle of the two but in a really lazy sort of way.  A former prostitute, she'd much prefer to do odd sexual things to other women (since all vampires seem to be gay or at least bi-sexual on this show) than lift a finger to do anything else.  That leaves her screen time to either be really sexy or her seeming to be really annoyed. As of season 5 she is the vampire mother/lover of Tara Thornton

Jessica Hamby
Played by Deborah Ann Woll, Jessica was an innocent bi-standard who was turned into a vampire by Bill Compton who was forced to do it as a punishment for killing another vampire in order to save Sookie.  Prior to her turn she was a preachers daughter who was VERY innocent with the worst thing she ever did being staying up after curfew the night she got turned.  Once she found out she was a vampire she kind of went overboard (a good thing for fang lovers) as she felt she could do whatever she wanted and was very rebellious.  Eventually she calms down with the help of Bill and Sookie and most of her time is spent learning both the ways of regular life (such as dating and sex) and vampire life at the same time which she documents in her online video diary entries.   One of my favorite scenes mixes the two which you can view HERE.  The best thing to happen to the show was the growth of her sexual appetite which lead to her learning how to seduce guys in their dreams via them drinking her blood.  GOOD LORD was this guy lucky!

Sophie-Anne Leclerq
Queen Sophie Anne (played by Evan Rachel Wood) was the supreme ruler of the vampires of Louisiana. Though extremely old in vampire years she was very young when turned and very much acts as young as she looks.  She spends her time surrounded by half naked human "playthings" and as was eventually revealed was secretly running a vampire blood drug ring behind the backs of the vampire league (vampire blood has hallucinogen type properties and is considered an illegal drug).  The reason she was doing this was that she was near broke.  Eventually she gets in deep trouble and is blackmailed to marry the eccentric (and VERY gay) vampire King of Mississippi.  Unfortunately her reign comes to a violent end when she is assassinated by the American Vampire League who comes into play when her drug ring and blackmail leads to a lot of public relations issue's for them(like the Vampire King of Mississippi going on a killing spree including taking out members of the league).

Lorena Krasiki 
Played by Mariana Klaveno, Lorena is the very very VERY clingy vampire who created Bill Compton.  I mean, in reality if you were going to have a female who is totally obsessed with you to the point that she follows you for centuries, attempts to kill any female you're interested in and locks you in rooms for super rough sex any time you're in the same zip code (which is pretty often considering that whole "following you" part)  you could do much worse than her but I can see how it could get old being that this has been going on since the Civil War.  Lucky for Bill, Lorena's time finally came to an end after she was assigned to torture him to death (which somehow she hated and enjoyed at the same time) at the hands of Sookie.  She was one sick cookie.     

Nan Flanagan
The MILFy goodness and head spokesperson of the American Vampire League, Ms. Flanagan was played by Jessica Tuck.  In the first two seasons of True Blood she was a background character literally as she was only seen on television news shows in the background of scenes defending vampires to "conservative human purists".  In season 3 she makes her first "Real" appearance as she meets up with Eric at Fangtasia to discuss the problem of the magister disappearing and the King of Mississippi going on a murdering spree. That's also where we find out that her "prissy" persona is just an act and she's as perverted and bi-sexual as the rest of them feeding off the upper thigh of a naked woman in the back of her limo.  Unfortunately in Season 4, Nan looses her job with the AVL and gets staked by Bill.  These shows all need more durable female vamps but it was great while it lasted.  

Tara Thornton 
Played by Rutina Wesley, it was only a matter of time.  Tara has been a part of the show since day one as Sookies best friend and apparently one of the few black people in the entire town of Bon Temp.  Even though she should be a side character she would always do something that would bring her to the center of attention whether it be her tragic love life, her laundry list of emotional problems and anger management issues or just the fact that she is the most bad ass chick in the town.  During the finale of Season 4 Tara takes a bullet for Sookie. In the Season 5 premiere Sookie along with Tara's cousin Lafayette plead for Pam (who shows up just in time looking for Eric) to turn her and with a bit of bargaining Pam does.  From their Tara and Pam have an odd love/hate relationship as both have rough personalities but are horny for each other at the same time. Unfortunately Tara dies from a stake through the heart in the first episode of season 7 only to be seen the rest of the shows run in vampire blood educed hallucinations of her mother and cousin. 

Nora Gainesborough
Played by Lucy Griffiths, Nora is the "sister" of Eric Northman in the vampire sense which means she was turned by the same vampire that turned him.  That is a positive as their relationship is a lot less "G" rated and a lot more "X" rated.   In Season 5 of the series Nora becomes one of the focal points as it's revealed that she is an extremist of an ancient vampire religion who worships the vampiress Lilith and believes that vampires were the ones created in God's image and that humans are for food only.  This makes her public enemy #1 to the vampire authority who is trying to maintain peace between humans and vampires (and doing a horrible job of it). Update: Nora meets her "true death" via "Hep V" contamination in the season 6 episode "In the Evening".

Salame Agrippa
Played by Valentina Cervi, Salame is a member of the vampire counsel known frequently as "The Authority" that we are introduced to in the fifth season of the show.  During the season a group of vampire religious extremist band together to destroy the truce between humans and vampires.  The authority is ripped to shambled when it's found out that these fanatics are being controlled from within the authority itself.  Eventually we find out that Salame is the one heading up this group and she takes control of the authority by force.  Her method of control is pretty convincing as she uses sex first then force second.  I can't imagine why anyone would need plan B but that's why they call it fiction right?  Unfortunately she meets her demise at the hands of Bill Compton after both become obsessed with vampire god Lillith.

The sweet innocent awkward girl from Napolean Dynomite is all grown up and sucking blood.  Played by Tina Majorino, Molly was a computer nerd who worked for the Authority.  When Salame began going mad with her religious obsession with Lilith she was one of the few vampires in the league to not go along with it.  Unfortunately this meant that she would eventually become victim to the very vampire death contraption she developed as a form of punishment for denouncing the vampire religion.

 Played by Jessica Clark, Lilith is the center of the vampire ancient religion.  They believe that she, not Adam or Eve was created in God's image so not only is she supposed to be the first vampire, she is supposed to be the first being period.  In the shows fifth season the members of the authority once the religious fanatics take over partake in drinking the blood of Lilith which causes them to go into some sort of weird vampiric acid trip like state.  During these situations Lilith often appeared to them very naked and very sexy.  Finally, a religion that revolves around worshiping nude women.

Willa Burrell 
 Played by Amelie Rose Blare, Willa is the young vampire sympathizing daughter of the very anti vampire governor of Louisiana.  At least she was up until the fourth episode of Season 6 in which Eric decides to make her his new progeny.  His hope being that once the governors own daughter returns to him a vampire he will see all vampires differently and stop the open season he declared for humans against vampires.  What Eric didn't count on was that the Governor wasn't the one calling the shots with that designation actually belonging to the former Mrs Sarah Newlin who could care less about things like family loyalty when it comes to vampires.

Played by Karolina Wydra, Violet is a very old female vamp who has taken on the "Queen of the Mountain" role in the vampire prison camp the main characters are being held in during the shows sixth season.  When Jason Stackhouse is thrown into the female population of the prison by Sarah Newlin to get devoured Violet takes a liking to him and declares him as her property thus saving his life.  What he didn't count on was that she wasn't doing it to save his life and meant every word she said.  This leaves his friends with trying to come up with a way to save Jason from being this vampires forever play thing.  In season 7 after she catches Jason having an affair with Jessica Violet looses it (well she was already crazy) and looks to be the final seasons last major villain. 

Amber Mills
Played by Natalie Hall, Amber is the estranged sister of Sarah Newlin first introduced in the shows final season.  Initially she has lots of hatred for her older sister especially being that she's a vampire dying from the Hep V virus that she helped to create but her mood changes when her sister cures her of the virus in exchange for her help in the episode "Karma".

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