Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wrestling Divas with Fangs

The last place you'd think you'd find sexy female vampires is the world of professional wrestling.  When you think of pro wrestling you think of guys in speedos but obviously as you will see, things have changed A LOT! So here are some hot divas looking the way they should.

Sleeperkids Models

Sleeperkidsworld is a cosplay fetish website in which the viewer has access to a select number of female professional wrestlers from the independent wrestling scene.  For a certain cost you can create your own scene in which the wrestlers will wear costumes and act out scenes however you want.  Unlike other sites promoted here this one is not porn so nudity is not an option (though some of the women do come from the world of amateur porn and will do that on their own sites).  This side is pretty much if the "Dead or Alive" video games series girls were live action.  Below are some examples.

Vanessa Harding
(real name Leslie Culton....pic leads to bigger gallery)

Paige (real name Saraya Jade-Bevis courtesy of

 Beth Phoenix (real Name Elizabeth Kocianski from her official Twitter)

Alicia Fox (real name Victoria Crawford courtesy of

Maria Kanellis (courtesy of Code Red DVD)

April Hunter (courtesy of her official WEBSITE)

Daffney (Real Name Shannon Spruill courtesy of her official WEBSITE)

Katie Lea Burchill (Real name Katerina Waters courtesy of WWE Cyber Sunday 2008 DVD)

Shelly Martinez (coutesy of and her official WEBSITE)

 Roni Jonah (courtesy of film short "Little Sex Shop of Horrors")

 Trina Michaels (courtesy of her official MYSPACE)

 Epiphany (Real Name Devorah Frost courtesy of her official WEBSITE)

Amy Weber (From Season 3, Episode 8 of "Son of the Beach")

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