Friday, January 20, 2012

Viral Vampiress: Kelly Landry

Could Kelly possibly be a Vampire?

That is the question being asked on her official youtube channel  "That's a funny question to ask someone?" You might ask.  Well here's the backstory.  Kelly, who is an actress and stand up comedian was featured in a youtube short by Fred (kids character with annoying high pitched voice) called "My Babysitters a Vampire"  In it she plays a babysitter who Fred thinks is a vampire.  Well, according to this video...

she had gotten many responses asking if she really was a vampire.  So many as a matter of fact that she was going to prove that she wasn't (ironically of course as the video seems to make it look more and more like she is a vampire.  She even made a song about how she wasn't one (below)

Anyway, after convincing us (the viewer) that she's just a normal girl, she gives us a look into her personal life with video's of her searching for a roommate (1st video) as well as meeting her roommates boyfriend for the first time (lower video, my personal favorite of the bunch).

These video's are a lot of fun and I hope there is going to be more in the future.  You can check out more from Kelly Landry on her official website

Kelly can also be seen as a vampire in the Youtube short "Last Call"

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