Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vampiress Review: Razor Blade Smile

The Gist: A female vampire assassin is sent to find and kill members of a secret organization just to find out she is a pawn in a much bigger plan.

Clarification: Eileen Daly plays Lilith Silver.  A vampire who works as an assassin to keep herself busy during her unlimited lifespan.  The movie switches back and forth from her mission to a first person perspective of her personal life as a vampire which includes hanging out in Goth clubs where she is perceived as a cynic as she is constantly nagging her goth friends who pretend to be vampires that their view of the species is unrealistic.
The one without the fangs is the real vampire!

Selling Point:  The Lesbian Sex Scene between Daly and Heidi James who plays one of her goth "vampire wannabe" friends.  Unfortunately for James character the day she was going to get some from her sexy friend just happens to be when she starts her cycle.  Thus we get the answer to the question "Is the neck the only place a vampire will take blood from" (honestly the scene goes from Hot to gross pretty quickly).
If you've got to go, go with a smile
Lilith Silvers curvy fangs
Female Vampire Factor:  This movie gets a Vampire Beauty rating of 4 out of 5.  Many who have reviewed this movie had a problem with the size of the fangs on Daly but I personally did not and felt they were proportioned pretty well to her actual teeth (yes, Daly has big teeth, I said it).  Outside of that it's a pretty good fang fetish movie as she's flashing them at almost every chance.

Heidi James

As mentioned above she is not the only vampire but the rest don't get much screen time.  That includes the vampire wannabe played by Heidi James.  

Louisa Moore (left) & Isabel Brook (right)

And the female vampire bodyguards of the movies protagonist played by Louisa Moore and Isabel Brook.

Production Stills

Razor Blade Smile movie Trailer
Razor Blade Smile official website

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