Thursday, January 19, 2012

Viral Vampress: "The Hillywood Show"

Vampire Diaries Parody

 Produced by Hilly and Hannah Hindy

In this music video parody of "The Vampire Diaries" set to the Lady GaGa song "Show Me Your Teeth", Hilly plays a version of Katherine (the female vampire doppelganger played by Nina Dobrev who you can learn more about HERE). 
Fake Katherine is a dentist working on the teeth of two guys by the name of "Damion" and "Steven" (A play on "Vampire Diaries" main characters "Damon and Stefen").  Once they get into the office she sprouts a set of fangs and the rest of the video parodies different "Katherine" related scenes from the show as well as the dark moody promo's the CW Network has done for the show. 
Hilly is 100% on point with her mannerisms, mimicking Dobrev's style to a scary degree.  This video is very much worth taking a look at and the girls are very talented.  They produce their parodies through donations so if you like this (and they have a few based on the craptacular Twilight Saga as well) be sure to check out their website and help them out.  Maybe we'll be rewarded with more blood sucking Hilly!

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  1. This vampiress is so beautiful and sexy, but her mouth stinks like dry blood, she has bad breath (like all the Vampire Beauties), her breath excite me. Thanks, bye. ;)