Thursday, January 19, 2012

Viral Vampiress: "Ashley's HugTime"

"Ashley Bites into Twilight"

"Ashley's Hug Time" is a Youtube show starring model Kristin Ortiz as "Ashley".  A very pretty but VERY dumb girl who does a video blog about her life.  I believe the goal of the video's is to see if it's truly possible to listen to what a girl is saying when her large breasts are pretty much in your face the entire time (or if it even matters).  In this episode, Ashley had just got done watching the movie "Twilight" and now believes she is a vampire.  She does her blog from her closet explaining how lonely it is to be one.  This isn't the funniest of her vlogs but this is probably the least amount of cloths she's worn in one so I guess that's a trade off.  Anyway check out the link to her youtube channel as many of her vlogs are VERY funny but until then Enjoy Ashley the half naked vampire babbling about something that probably doesn't make much sense.

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