Friday, January 6, 2012

Vampiress music video: Chris Brown's Wall to Wall

Suelyn Medeiros (Lead Vampiress)

So here is the gist of it.  Brown is hanging out with his friends in a dark parking lot at night.  They leave and a SUPER hot vampire (played by Suelyn Medeiros)
 takes a chunk out of his neck turning him.  When he wakes up, she wills him to her lair which is filled with more vampires having your average run of the mill Hip Hop music video party.
There are tons of sexy hip hop video vixens with fangs in this vid but they don't get much screen time (after all it's a music video right?).  Fortunately, video vampire vixen Shelly Rio (who also plays a female vamp in the film Vegas Vampires) posted some behind the scenes pics on her official MYSPACE giving us a taste of what we are missing.