Friday, January 13, 2012

The Vampire Cameo

There are plenty of TV series and movies with Vampire episodes out there but what gets looked over is the Vampire cameo's.  Non vampire related TV shows and movies that for whatever reason has one thrown in for the heck of it.  Here's just some of those instances.

Mortal Kombat movie (2021)

In the 2021 reboot of the movie based on the video game franchise Elissa Cadwell plays the vampire bodyguard of series villain Shang Tsung.
  Jerry Springer Halloween Pay Per View Special
In the hey day of the trash TV talk show craze of the 1990's Jerry Springer had a rated R Halloween special.  The special started with a pair of vampire strippers doing a sexy dance routine.

Texas Terror Tales, "The Hollows"

This film is a compilation of horror shorts.  There is an actual short completely about vampires titled "Unholy Living Dead" but there is no females in that one.   In this story a group of college aged kids go camping in some woods that are haunted.  This results in all of them losing their minds.  The final surviving female attacks some good Samaritans who stop to help her by biting their necks and sucking their blood.

Smosh, "What if TV Shows Were Real"
Click the picture above for full review and video.

Nikki, Season 1, Episode 18: "Dwight and Nikki and Ken and Alice"
Nikki was a short lived television series on the WB from 2000 to 2002 starring 90's sex symbol Nikki Cox.  In the series Nikki was a Las Vegas show girl and the beginning of this episode has her performing a sexy vampire dance number along with co-star Susan Egan.

2015 Teen Choice Awards
Former Vampire Diaries Star Nina Dobrev wearing a pair of cheap vampire fangs. 

The Goldbergs, Season 3: Episode 6 "Couples Costume"
 In the Halloween 2015 episode of the ABC Sitcom eldest daughter Erica (Hayley Orrantia) dresses up as a Vampire.

Dancing with The Stars
On the 10/26/2015 edition of the show the daughter of the late crocodile hunter does a dance dressed as a Vampire Queen.

Summer in Transylvania
Summer in Transylvania was a British kids show which aired for one season in 2012 on Nickelodeon in Europe.  The show was about a young girl named Summer who went to a school in Transylvania for monsters.  The show was very corny and followed an old school sitcom format including a laugh track.  One of the side characters on the show was a teenage "Mean Girls" type vampire by the name of Serena played by Charlie Jordan Evans.

Macabre Pair of Shorts
In this 1996 Troma movie a couple of theater workers find a film that was hidden in the theater called, what else... "A Macabre Pair of Shorts" and decide to cue it up and watch it. The Film ends up being several shorts about different subjects (basically this is a precursor to the film V/H/S) and eventually they find out that the film itself is homicidal (meaning the actual paper film eats people..this is Troma did you forget?) which is why it was hidden.  Anyway one of the shorts is a about a pair of female vampires picking up a man at a club with the intent of feeding on him but instead one of them feeling sorry for him turns him after finding out he had a rare fatal blood disorder which eventually comes back to haunt them.
 After the first two shorts you find out that the film is actually a film within a film within a film as the premise of the movie within a movie (confused yet) is that a vampire couple is actually the ones watching them who then briefly comment after the films are over.

The L Word Season 3, Episode 5: "Lifeline"
In this episode of the lesbian themed Showtime series the character Alice tries speed dating and ends up meeting a super hot woman named "Uta Refson". She is very mysterious and Alice begins to believe that she is a vampire.  Though throughout the episode the proof regarding her identity is coincidental eventually there is a very steamy sex scene where Alice realizes Uta's name is just "Nosferatu" backward.  She does have fangs VERY briefly in the episode.  She is played by Erica Cerra.

Mad TV Season 4, episode 8: "Blades" 
 Comedian Debra Wilson plays a vampire attacking her helpless female victim when Blade (played by Aries Spears) comes in and saves the day.  When she has backup, "Blade" calls on Karl Childers, the mentally challenged main character of the movie "Slingblade"

Mad TV Season 9, episode 7: "Me Against Madonna"
Mo Collins plays Madonna in a parody of the Britney Spears music video "Me Against the Music"  At the end of the video Collins Madonna sprouts a pair of fangs and bites Britney (played by Nicole Parker) sucking her youth out of her.

This episode introduces Hillary Duff to the show as an actress who plays a vampiress on a "Vampire Diaries" style fictional TV show.  Our first view of her is a scene from the show in which she's having "vampire sex" with fangs blaring.

In this episode Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) threatens the principal by portraying herself as a vampire and convincing him that her vampire father will come after him if she doesn't get her way.

Wings Season 8, episode 5: "The Gift of Life"
The Halloween episode from the shows final season had the entire cast in costume which saw Helen (Crystal Bernard) dressed as a vampire.

Justin falls in love with a young female vampire (played by Bridgit Mendler)

The Dresden Files Season 1, Episode 9: "Storm Front"
Joanne Kelly makes a cameo appearance as Bianca, the vampire queen of Chicago in the 9nth episode of the short lived SyFy series.  In this episode Dresden questions her about the disappearance of some young girls who were last seen at her club which she takes offense to leading to a great fang filled fight scene.  Click HERE for a review of the episode that introduces "Bianca". 

Electra (1996 Film)
This film starring Shannon Tweed is about a woman who falls in love with her late husbands son who just happens to be inheriting all his fathers research (basically he created a formula that gives people super powers).  In a fight scene toward the end of the movie for whatever reason Tweed sprouts fangs and long nails.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
This film based on the graphic novel is about an all star team made up of fictional characters from literature. Peta Wilson (of La Femme Nikita TV show fame) plays Mina Harker, best known as the object of Dracula's affections in the Bram Stoker Novel. It is found out in the film that she didn't escape the vampire counts curse as was originally thought.  The below clip is how the group finds out.

Another film based off of a graphic Novel, Milla Jovovich plays Violet.  An assassin for a group of rebels who are all suffering from a disease which causes elongated canines, sensitivity to sunlight and superhuman strength and speed.  The main problem with this condition which otherwise seems pretty cool is that without frequent blood transfusions sufferers of the disease die pretty quickly.  The below screencap is from the only scene in which Milla J sports the fangs.  Unfortunately she spends the entire scene whining about how she'd rather be dead (she just came out of a coma after being shot at point blank range which somehow caused her fangs which she filed down to grow back).

Disaster Movie
In this abortion of a comedy parody of Armageddon genre movies Mad TV alum Nicole Parker plays a sabre toothed version of the late singer Amy Winehouse who first warns the main character of the film of the pending end of the world.

Charmed Season 7 episode 22: "Something Wicca This Way Goes...?"
In the season finale of the next to last season of the night time action/drama about a trio of sisters with magical powers they pay a visit to the vampire queen (played by Jacqui Maxwell) in order to strike a deal.  It is a very quick scene and the below screencap is the only time you see her on the episode.  On the subject there is a full episode that deals with the vampire queen trying to turn one of the girls in season 4 (different queen played by a different actress) which you can read my review HERE.

X-PLAY: E3 2007 EDITION: "Solid Snake on a Plane"
From the G4/Tech TV show about video games and electronics comes a parody that combines the Konami video game franchise "Metal Gear" and the Samuel L. Jackson film "Snakes on a Plane".  In it Solid Snake (a mercenary) must save the plane from evil flight attendants who work for a villain from the game franchise named "Ocelot".  They also just happen to be vampires.  If you're not a gamer or if you're one of the millions who didn't watch "Snakes on a Plane" you won't get the jokes but you still can't go wrong with Vampire flight attendants.

The Benny Hill Show: Episode 1, Season 13 "The Park"
In the closing skit in the season premier of the legendary British television show's 13th season (one of the first featuring the now famous scantily clad "Hill's Angels"),  Benny along with two others are sitting at a park bench watching lovely ladies go by when one in particular (played by Alison Bell) approaches each guy one by one and takes them behind a bush.  As she finally gets to Benny we see that she is actually a vampire (below) sucking the mens blood, but of course Benny escapes causing the classic Benny Hill chase. 

In this 1980's comedy about a duo of American reporters flying to eastern Europe to cover a story about a possible appearance of the Frankenstein monster, Geena Davis plays a female vampire who seems to fall in love with Gil Turner (played by Ed Begley Jr.) but has a weird way of showing it by sneaking in and out of rooms when no one else is around making everyone else question his sanity.  Davis' vampire costume is easily one of the greatest ever to be used in a feature film.  Below is her first appearance in the film.

"Lexx": Episodes 4.07 thru 4.10
During the final season of the Sci Fi series the crew of the Lexx end up going to Earth including a trip in episode 4.07 to Transylvania.  There they end up at a castle where it's believed that a vampire resides who invites guests to a feast then kills them.   Eventually the crew finds out that the vampire is just an actor who is (unknowingly) covering up for an actual vampire named Vlad who is played by Mina Aaltonen.  A female "Devine Executioner" with silver fangs who feeds on protoblood (aka the substance that keeps Lexx crew member Kai alive). Below is a scene where she gets her hands on Xev (played by Xenia Seeberg)

Red Shoe Diaries: Season 5, Episode 3 "Jealousy"
In the final season of the erotic Showtime series comes a story about a man who marries an actress.  When she gets called away to do a film while on their honeymoon he begins to get jealous at the thought of another man putting his hands on her in a love scene.  The film that she's doing ends up being a vampire film in which she has a lesbian scene with a female vampire played by Viktoriya Khadzhinova.

Stan Helsing
In the less than stellar 2009 horror movie parody a group of party goers end up lost in a town full of horror movie monsters.  In the below scene Stan and friends end up in the red light district of the town and meet up with Dracula's brides who work as strippers.

Strippers vs Werewolves
In the 2012 British film a group of strippers must defend themselves from a pack of werewolves who are gunning for revenge for one of them killing a member of their pack.  In the film one of the strippers is dating a monster hunter and seemingly every time she calls him he is busy fighting a sexy half naked vampire!

Gilligans Island: Season 3, Episode 1 "Up at Bat"
In the season three premiere of the classic TV series about a group of shipwrecked castaways living on a deserted Island, Gilligan gets bitten by a bat.  The nieve 1st mate of the S.S. Minnow then lets his imagination run wild and in a dream sequence becomes Dracula.  The dream also includes Tina Louise who plays sexy hollywood actresss Ginger Grant acting as his vampire bride.
Key & Peele: Season 3, Episode 7 "Sexy Vampire"
In this spoof on how vampires are portrayed on television Keegen Michael Key plays "Tyrelle" a stereotypical black man who has just been turned to a vampire meeting his brood for the first time.  Unfortunately for the lead vampire (played by Jordan Peele) and his many sexually free and gothic vampiresses he has retained his street logic and common sense and just doesn't understand why they have to act so weird.

Castle: Season 2, Episode 6 "Vampire Weekend"
 In the Halloween 2009 episode of the ABC series about an author and a detective who solves cases together they are hired to solve the murder of a "horror geek" who had vampire fangs in his mouth at the time of his death and died from having a stake driven through his heart.  One of the persons of interest in the case is "Vixen" a vampire fetish model played by Samantha Shelton who hangs around goth clubs and was introducing the diceased to the vampire lifestyle.

In this 1988 film about a group of students getting trapped in a wax museum where the exhibits are actually portals to the real life places and era's the exhibits represent a young woman named China (Michelle Johnson) finds her way into the Dracula exhibit where she is hunted by vampires.  Eventually she falls victim to the male model looking Dracula's charms and becomes his fourth bride.

Scrubs: Season 3, Episode 15 "My Tormented Mentor"
In the NBC hospital comedy about a doctor with a very vivid imagination.  J.D. (the doctor in question) walks in on two girls changing in one of the rooms and imagines they're blood sucking vampires.


  1. Excellent compilation. One of my first faves was Ginger as a vampire on the old Gilligan's Island show. Alas, she never acquired the fangs.

  2. Check the halloween 2013 episode of Key and Peele for an interesting little skit on vampires. Plenty of vampire fangs and females.