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Sexy Female Vamps of the Vampire Diaries
The Vampire Diaries is a teen drama that has aired in the United States since 2009.  While it's fan base is for females, it has more then it's fair share of female fanged eye candy that makes a few episodes VERY watchable.  Here's the roster so far.
Katherine Pierce
Played by Canadian Actress Nina Dobrev, Katherine is the heartless, soulless evil vampiress that originally turned the Salvatore boys (the shows main characters)  into vampires because she for the lack of a better term wanted to do both of them instead of pick.  She is everything a vampire is supposed to be and makes the show well worth watching up until her death in season 5 (or deaths as she "dies" three times that season). Here is a clip of Katherine in action.

 Vicki Donovan
Played by Kayla Ewell, Vicki appeared in season 1 and 3 of the Vampire Diaries. Vickie was a troubled teen who was into drugs and the party scene. Unfortunately for her Damon Salvatore thought it would be fun to take a train wreck like her and turn her into a vampire. What that ended up doing was replace her drug addiction for a blood addiction which resulted in all of 1 episode full of pretty sexy blood lust with her running around in a sexy vampire costume at a Halloween party trying to eat her boyfriend. Alas like most hot vampires she was staked by the end of the episode (she eventually comes back as a ghost in season 3 but not as fun). The episode is called "The Haunted" in season 1 and is well worth a look.

 Caroline Forbes
Affectionately known as "Vampire Barbie" by Damon Salvatore, Caroline Forbes played by young starlet Candice Accola was turned in season 2. The quirky best friend of show protagonist Elena then went on a two episode bender in which she pretty much fed on everyone she saw which you can see her first feeding HERE. Eventually she gets used to the whole "vampire" thing and goes back to being the dumb and kind of annoying valley girl she was before.  In most episodes her fangs don't come out unless she's mad.

Lexi Branson
Arielle Kebbel (who also vamped out in the film "Vampires Suck") played the character of "Lexi".  The Vampire responsible for turning Stefan Salvatore into the sap he eventually became which means that there was nothing really "Vampiric" about her.  Her one real appearance was in the season 1 episode "162 candles" where she fangs out in jest as she sneaks up on her old friend Stefan.  Later in the episode Stefans brother Damon outs her to the local police in an effort to make them think that he's out to keep their town vampire free instead of being one himself and she gets one last sexy fanged hurrah before getting staked by Damon himself, never to be seen again (outside of flashbacks and ghost apparition for the rest of the series run).

 So much potential when it came to casting Kelly Hu in a vampire TV show that was not fulfilled.  Hu is known for playing bad ass characters in most of her films so hearing that she would be on the Vampire Diaries just brings thoughts of a dominant blood thirsty vampiress.  Instead we get the character "Pearl".  Seen mostly in civil war era flashbacks Pearl was a sudo witch/vampire hybrid whose job was to protect the identities of the vampires in the town of Mystic Falls.  When she actually makes a modern day appearance her role is one of the leaders of a vampire resistance set to take the town back from the people who live there with most of her scenes being modestly dressed in a dark dingy house.  She was one of the vampires who wanted to hide that side of her because she fell in love with a human, WTF.   With that being said fanging out was few and far between and she only lasted a good 5 episodes in season 1 until she got staked so these scans are the best I can offer.  Big disappointment.

 "Anna" played by Marlese Jow is the teenage daughter of "Pearl" in the Vampire Diaries.  Anna was everything that Pearl should have been but considering she lasted much longer I'm OK with it.  She was vengeful, mischievous and most importantly blood thirsty.  She didn't show signs of real emotion until she engaged herself in the teenagers of Mystic Falls life and fell in love with Elana's (main characters) brother Jeremy who seems to be a vampiress magnet, lucky dog (his previous girlfriend also became one of the undead and tried to eat him but that was erased from his memory). Greatest scene out of her time on the series was in the season 1 episode "There goes the Neighborhood" when Jeremy (who unknown to anyone) knows about vampires and suspects Anna of being one "accidentally" cuts himself in front of her to draw her fangs out and as you can see, it worked like a charm.

Isobel Flemming
Isobel is played by the now very grown up former child star of Dracula the series, Mia Kurshner. Isobel is the mother of Elana (the character played by Nina Dobrev).

 If you're not a fan of the show (which if you're here you should be) I won't confuse you with the details of how someone this young gave birth to a hot daughter who looked EXACTLY like the vampiress she works for.  All that matters is Isobel was BAD ASS.  She only returned to Mystic Falls on orders from Katherine (also played by Dobrev) to cause trouble and that usually meant threatening to eat someone in almost every scene she was in.

 Unfortunately as it usually turns out, after Katherines spell is broken you find out that Isobel was just as sappy as all the rest and her bad ass personality was fake.  In the end she fries herself like an egg by standing out in the sun without her magic ring (something vampires use on the show to protect themselves from the sun burning them) because she was so ashamed of the way she was acting.

If you blink you wouldn't know this hotty existed at all which is a shame.  Played by Lauren Cohan, "Rose" wasn't very vampiric at all and spent most of her screen time either running in fear or fawning after Damon Salvatore.  The one time we FINALLY get to see the vampire side of her was as a result of her getting bit by a werewolf which in Vampire Diaries folklore causes vampires to die of a rabies like disease which meant she randomly reverted to a more primitive zombie like blood sucking state (foreshadowing to her next job on the Walking Dead I guess).

Even that was ruined by her death being in a really sappy dream sequence and this was all in a span of 3 or 4 episodes.  Just a waste of a perfectly good vampire hotty to me.

Rebekah Mikaelson

 In the Vampire Diaries universe this is the face of the first ever female vampire in the history of the species.  Played by Clare Holt, "Rebekah" and her family were vikings who's family became cursed to forever fear the sun and live off of human blood after a run in with a Native American village.

The character has tons of potential and started off pretty strong being possibly the strongest and angriest vamps of the series (click HERE to see her fangy introduction to some of the Mystic Falls crew).  Then things go strange.  With all the baggage and power she holds (being the first vampire made it so she can't be killed by standard vampire means), instead of trying to rule the humans and feeding off of them etc. she becomes enamored with school life.  Somehow a female who is thousands of years olds only concern is joining the cheerleading squad and what dress to wear to a dance.  She has since left the show and now makes sporadic appearances on it's spinoff "The Originals".

Played by Cassidy Freeman. Sage is the "anti-Lexi" turning Damon Salvatore into the heartless vampire he is.  A former pro boxer she was turned by one of the original vampires named Finn which would eventually be the death of her just a few episodes after being introduced.   Her death in the season 3 episode "Murder of One" is when we find out that in the "Vampire Diaries" universe if one of the original vampires is killed EVERY vampire created from him dies as well.  Too bad as we never really get to see her in her full glory.

Abby Bennett-Wilson

Played by Persia White, Abby Bennett-Wilson is the estranged mother of town witch and resident minority Bonnie Bennett.  Like everyone else in her family she was also a witch and was to be a big player in the plan to end the lives of the original vampire family.  That is until Elena's life was on the line had the plan gone through and Stefan in order to save her turned Abby into a vampire, removing her of her witch powers (because in Vampire Diaries universe you can't be a good witch and a vampire I guess).  In the Season 3 episode "Break on Through" her turn becomes complete and Caroline attempts to help her with the transition.  After she accidentally tries to eat her son (though no fangs are shown) she decides it's better for her to leave town.  Here's hoping she                                                                                            comes back embracing her new self one day.

Jenna Sommers
Played by Sara Canning, Jenna was the legal guardian of show protagonist Elena and her brother during most of the run of the show.  Unfortunately for her she became an innocent bi standard of Klauses need for Elena to create his hybrids and in the Season 2 episode "The Sun Also Rises" she is eventually turned as part of the ritual and then killed by Klaus when she was no longer needed.  It's sad that this show seems to be filled with "hot girl gets turned, hot girl gets killed" episodes. 

Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev)
In Season 4 the show has come full circle with the good girl heroine now becoming a bad ass vampire.  Not only is she a vampire but she's an emotionless vampire who doesn't really care for the whole "drinking out of bags" deal.  As a matter of fact, the list of people she hasn't fed on and enjoyed is probably shorter than the list she has and consists mostly of the other vampires on the show.  She also gives us the first Cheerleader on Cheerleader vampire feeding that I can recall ever. 

Nadia Petrova

Played by Olga Fonda, Nadia is introduced as a gypsie vampire hunting mercenary on the hunt for Katherine Pearce in the shows 5th season.  When she eventually catches up with the now human Katherine she drops the bombshell that not only is she a vampire but she's also Katherines daughter who was turned for the sole purpose that she would not die until she found her mother.  Katherine isn't as receptive to the family reunion but mainly because she's rapidly aging as a human and doesn't want her daughter to see her die but is instead playing it off as just being a heartless mother.

 Played by Emily C. Chang, Ivy was the human girlfriend of Stefan Salvatore who had left his Mystic Falls life behind to make a more human life in Georgia in Season 6.  That is until his Mystic Falls buddies Caroline and Enzo find out where he is resulting in Caroline (who has a thing for Stefan) crying over him and Enzo (who has a thing for Caroline) killing and turning Ivy to get back at him for making vampire Barbie cry.  This leads to one whole episode of Stefan dumping vampire Ivy on Caroline while he tries once again to skip town leading to...what else.  Ivy getting caught and murdered by a vampire hunter.  This show really hates hot female vampires. 

Season 7 (which is the shows first season without show mainstay Nina Dobrev) introduced "The Heritics".  Lead by the Salvatore brothers mother Lilly they are a group of Vampire witch hybrids. Most importantly to this 3 are teenage looking girls and two of those are a lesbian couple. 

Lilly Salvatore
Played by Annie Wersching she is the mother of show protagonists Damon and Stephon Salvatore.  She was discovered the previous season to be alive and well on a prison alternate universe along with her new adopted family.  They were put there because her and her "family" were the Horror movie kind of vampires who kill humans and feed on them with no intent on hanging out in high school. 

Marie Louise, Nora and Valerie Tulle
Nothing makes a vampire show that's catered toward teenage girls better than the edition of hot young vampire women walking around in sexy clothes and being all around bitchy.  First we have Nora (Scarlett Byrne upper left) and Marie Louise (Teresse Liane upper right).  Surprise, Surprise the vampire diaries first lesbian couple are a pair of smoking hot female vampires!
Then we have poor left out Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore Bottom).  She doesn't seem to get along with the other girls and seems to be having trouble adjusting to life in the 21st century.  This leads to several times in which she does things to spite the other two.  Also and probably most important to the season she is a former love interest of Stephon Salvatore!


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