Sunday, October 26, 2014

Vampire Diaries introduces new female vamp this week

This week on the Vampire Diaries marks the first new female vampire character introduced in the new season as Emily C. Chang will be playing Ivy.   Ivy was the girlfriend of Stefan Salvatore in his new life that was recently turned upside down as his old friends from Mystic Falls decided to pay him a visit.  While Stefan admitted to her that he was a vampire she didn't believe it.  The last we saw of Ivy, Stefan's boss was being sent to bury her body after getting her neck snapped by rogue vampire Enzo.  This week Ivy pays Stefan a visit and informs him that she was forced to drink Enzo's blood thus turning her into a vampire upon her death.  On top of that she will apparently take to vampirism a lot like True Bloods Jessica. In other words she's looking forward to it very much. Below is a promo for the episode.

Speaking of True Blood this isn't Emily Changs first experience dawning the fangs.  She once appeared on a fake ad for the HBO series which you can see below. Vampire Diaries airs Thursday Nights on the CW network in the US with replays available on

The Sexy Female Vampires of The Vampire Diaries

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  1. you should check out "Summer of Blood" Also, "lesbian vampire academy" though absolutely plotless is pretty good.