Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vampiress Review: "Nightlife"


The Gist: A female vampire entombed for a century is resurrected in 1989 Mexico and falls in love with a human doctor who convinces her that her condition is a disease while her former vampire lover wants her to embrace her dark side.

Clarification:  This was a made for TV movie for the USA Network starring Ben Cross pre Dark Shadows remake.  It falls somewhere between horror and comedy as any portion of the film that doesn't have Cross's character Vlad involved aren't very serious. Especially those with Vlad's bumbling henchman.While the parody portions of the film are very dated (IE making fun of a bud light commercial of that time period) it's still funny.

Selling Point: The character Angelique does get quite a bit of fang time.

Female Vampire Factor: Maryam D'abo who plays Angelique in this film is a good hearted vampire who just wants to live a normal life and is thrilled to find out that in the world she's woken up to she can go to the hospital and get a blood transfusion which curbs her thirst.  When Vlad finds this out his ultimate goal is to deprive her of those transfusions to the point that she's so bloodthirsty that she'll kill anyone including her new love and her sidekick/maid.
Prior to the end of the film when she's being starved to the point of blood rage Angelique is only really seen fanging out in fantasy and dream sequences as her biggest fear is loosing control (Next to her fear of bugs) which she imagines herself doing a few times.
This was a very memorable and enjoyable movie and I give it a vampire beauty rating of 4 out of 5.


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