Thursday, May 16, 2013

Top 10 all time Vampire MILF's

This week the U.S. celebrated mothers day and in honor of that I've decided to put together a top ten list of who I believe are the hottest vampire mom's in television and cinema. 

The mother of Santanico Pandamoniam, not only was she sexy but she taught her daughter to drink blood, give a great strip routine and become one of the greatest and sexiest vampire strippers in Mexico.  Not bad at all for the limited time they had together.  

#9  Isobel Flemming (The Vampire Diaries)
The mother of show protagonist Elena Gilbert who was once thought to have died was herself outed in the shows second season as not only alive as a full functioning vampire but was working under the spell of a another vampire who looked exactly like her daughter. 

#8 Elizabeth Barrington (Port Charles)
The mother of the late Allison Barrington (who was murdered by Caleb the vampire during General Hospitals recent revival of the Port Charles vampire storyline) was a lonely neglected filthy rich housewife who was looking for love after the disappearance of her husband.  She thought she found that in rocker "Steve Clay" (an alias of evil vampire Caleb).  Little did she know he was only using her to make his actual love interest Livvie jealous.  Unfortunately that means leaving a lonely horny middle aged house wife vampire around to seduce and turn any guy who might come close to looking at her. 

#7 Countess Clarimonde (The Vampire Happening)
This one actually counts as a Great Grand Milf (which is her relation to the films main protagonist) but none the less when a great grandmother looks like this showing that much cleavage and sneaks out at night to seduce and suck on much younger men does it really matter how old she is?

#6 Claire Radcliffe (The Gates)
 She has a lot of things in common with your stereotypical 1950's TV housewives.  She walks around a lot in house dresses and heels,  she's a stay at home mom, she packs her daughters lunch everyday.  She would fit right in with June Cleaver if it wasn't for the whole "sneaking out after dark to eat people" problem she had in the short lived night time drama.

#5 Dracula's Brides (Van Helsing)
 The three sexy women did more than grocery shop for Dracula in the local village.  They were the mothers to his thousands of vampire bat creature offspring that Dracula spent the majority of the film attempting to produce and bring to undeath.

#4 Bella Swan (Twilight)
In the final scenes of the 4th installment of the vampire genre killing franchise "Breaking Dawn: part 1" Bella both becomes a mom, and a vampire in that order.  Despite my dislike of the film franchise I have to admit that vampire Bella is pretty hot.

#3 Magda Westenra (Young Dracula)
The mother of young Vlad and Ingrid on the CBBC teen television series is pretty much non existent in their lives but the few times she is around the one thing that's perfectly clear is that every guy within a 10 mile radius has their attention on her and only her.

#2 Vanessa (Blade)
Blades entire existence and goals in life were based on the belief that his mom had been raped and killed by a vampire.  All that came crashing down around him as he finds out toward the end of the first film of the franchise that his mom is alive (well undead), super hot and was a very WILLING participant in his conceiving.

#1 Selene (Underworld)
Selene became a mother in the 4th film of the Underworld franchise "Awakening" when she conceived her daughter "Eve" with her Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid boyfriend Micheal shortly after the events of the 2nd film "Evolution".


  1. I was always partial to Eileen Townsend from Dracula: The Series

  2. I have to agree - the hottest MILF on the list is Selene. And the movie is amazing too. Looking forward to the next parts, hopefully many more to come

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