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The Sexy Female Vamps of the "John Carpenters Vampires" saga

In the 90's Vampires became the "in" thing for big names directors to try their hands in starting with Francis Ford Coppola's extremely well done rendition of Dracula and John Landis' "Innocent Blood".  John Carpenters Vampire saga is just one of a long line of films in which a big name director tries their hands at it, succeeds and walks away leaving others to take over the project into "straight to DVD" hell much like Quentin Tarantino's "From Dusk Till Dawn" and Wes Cravens "Dracula 2000".  The thing about this one is the straight to DVD "sequels" weren't all that bad at all. 

The original 1998 big screen feature followed the story of a group of vampire hunting mercenaries who work for the Vatican and revolves around their hunt for the master vampire.  The second film which was straight to DVD in 2002 titled "Los Muertos" had pretty much the same plot with a different cast including Jon Bon Jovi (singer) and Darius McCrary (Family Matters) with the new lead vampire being female while the final film of the series, 2005's "The Turning" leaves the western motif to take a more martial arts/action style approach to the genre.     

One of the main issues with films like these that revolve around the slayers and not necessarily the vampires is the fact that the vampires just come off as extra's and hold the same purpose as the old "nameless henchmen who dies really easily" joke always told regarding action films.  That normally effects the female vampire enjoyment factor as they are in the film but not for any real period of time worth truly bringing up.
The Master vampire Valek with two female underlings from John Carpenters Vampires
The other two films do solve that issue quite well with at least one of the main vampires being female in both but even they have their moments such as the vampire prostitute that gets offed in the first 5 minutes of "Los Muertos"
She almost made it to the opening credits
and the lackey chick from ""The Turning"

So with that out of the way here is a quick run down of the lovely vamps who do actually get some real screen time.

Sheryl Lee (Katrina: John Carpenter's Vampires)
Katrina was a prostitute who just so happened to get bitten by the master vampire.  Because of this, she had a psychic bond with him which made her useful to the vampire hunting crew of James Woods and Daniel Baldwin in the original film as they could use her to find him.  Unfortunately this also meant that she was also turning into one which Baldwins character "Montoya" seemed to forget as he began to fall for her which resulted in him being in the wrong place at the wrong time when it finally happened.

 Arly Jover (Una: Vampires: Los Muertos)
The second film in the series uses two vamp veterans.  In this case, Arly also played a vamp in the 1998 Marvel comics inspired Blade. Una is the super vampire who's taking out entire towns and villages faster than anyone can realize she's actually there in "Los Muertos".  This power is only used when the old fashion "I'm an innocent woman just looking to give a guy some lovin" trick doesn't work.  Even with that type of ability she does have a fear of Jon Bon Jovi...go figure.  Anyway in the film they are really desperate to stop her because she has found out that there is a medicine that slows down the vampire virus from spreading quickly in humans but one of the major side effects is that it allows vampires to function for short periods of time in sunlight which would give her absolutely no weaknesses at all and if there's nothing that we'd hate more, its having a hot homicidal bisexual female vampire running around.

Natasha Gregson Wagner (Zoey: Vampires: Los Muertos)
The daughter of Hollywood super couple Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood, Natasha defines the term "veteran" when it comes to playing the undead as she also bared her fangs in 1998's "Modern Vampires" as well as being the historic first victim ever of the vampires of Sunnydale in the original 1992 "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" film (also making her the first turned).  While she does have the vampire virus in her, she never actually fangs out as she is on a special medication that keeps her vampire side at bay.   Closest thing to it is a scene about an hour in after Una steals her medication and she seems to get a little too interested in Derek Bliss (Bon Jovi's) cut on his hand.

Meredith Monroe (Amanda: Vampires: The Turning)
A girl so hot that an American guy in the middle of a foreign country would fight immortal vampires just to get her back.  Realistic... not really but it's a martial arts film.  You've got to give the guys a reason to kick and punch each other for 83 minutes.  Don't get me wrong, she's super sexy but those odds aren't really forgiving.  Anyway she doesn't actually turn per se.  Actually her boyfriend Connor gets turned into a vampire in order to fight the vampires who take her and during his transformation has hallucinations of her as a vampire.

Staphanie Chao (Sang: Vampires:The Turning)
Sang is the leader of a group of "good vampires" who oppose harming humans and wants to help poor connor find his girlfriend.  What better way to help him then by turning him through really trippy vampire sex.  Call me a bad boyfriend but after all that, I'd much rather have vampire queen Sang then helpless Amanda any day of the week.

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