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Website Review: www.EvilWomenMovies.com

If you frequent Youtube looking for scenes of female vampires then it is most likely that you have run across a few previews of films from this website.   Evilwomenmovies.com is a website which houses a large library of short films (normally around 10 minutes in length) produced by DYL communications out of Montreal, Quebec Canada. The films produced by DYL (including those on their other site "New Goddess Cinema" are what's best described as PG rated fetish films involving dominant women with extraordinary powers.  The New Goddess website centers on the "good" ones and primarily deals with female superhero's.  Evil Women on the other hand deals with the "Bad" and has mostly vampires.

Most of the actresses used in the films are actors and models local to Montreal and are shared between both sites so if it bugs you that the girls of Evil Women are covered up 99% of the time, you can probably find that same girl in some type of revealing cosplay hero costume on New Goddess.

If there was any take away from this website it's probably that the writing and acting is AWFUL to put it nicely.  Most of the movies pretty much have the same dialogue which goes something like this...

Female vampire: "I'm Hungry" (followed by showing fangs)

Potential victim: "You're a vampire!?"

Female vampire: "I am"

This is usually followed by the victim running, the vamp magically appearing every direction the victim goes leading to the victim punching the vampire who will barely flinch followed by the vamp sucking them dry.  This sequence pretty much ends 90% of the films they have.  The only things that really separates them is the beginning dialogue which is pretty much just the description given of the film on the website said by the characters (since most of the movies take place in the same 3 or 4 locations it limits actually showing a plot).  One of the things entertaining to me is that the "you're a vampire" line is usually said in a manner that feels more like "darn, I can't believe I've run into a vampire today" as opposed to "OH MY GOD, VAMPIRES EXIST" or even "OH MY GOD, I'M ABOUT TO DIE".   If you've ever attended an elementary school play, the acting is pretty much on par with it.

Now it isn't all bad, there are always exceptions and in this case there are several movies that are indeed very entertaining and a few actresses who always deliver very sexy performances as vampires such as Amelie Paul, St├ęphanie Aubry, Annick Blanchard and Andrea Croxen (who looks like Lindsay Lohan without the plastic surgery and rough lifestyle).
Andrea Croxen
As of late the updates to the site have been pretty scarce (maybe 3 or 4 last year) with the last being a reissue of the 3 part series "Vampyres and Slayers" as one complete 30 minute film. To access the films it's only a one time charge of  $24.95 to download every film in their library which lasts for 30 days before you can no longer download them and every once in awhile that price will come down for special occasions (normally around $10 or $15) so that one payment would get you YEARS worth of media and is well worth it if you're a new customer.  To help out here are a few of my favorite films from their library.

Room 66
Plot: Annick Blanchard as a high profile vampire call girl who sucks the blood of two guys who come see her for a good time.

Selling Point: Blanchard is in nothing more than a bra and panties most of the movie

Midnight Woman
Plot: Andrea Coxen as a vampire who shows up in a business man's hotel room every night at midnight for a snack.

Selling Point:  Coxen ALWAYS delivers a sexy performance when she's the vampire not to mention her wardrobe which is limited to lingerie.

The Scoop
Plot: A reporter and his female accomplice sneak into a famous socialites hotel room to try to prove she's a vampire.

Selling Point: St├ęphanie Aubry reminds me a lot of Suzanne Summers lovable dumb blond character Chrissy from "Three's Company" as the accomplice.  Fortunately the lovable accomplice becomes a sexy vampire by the end via some girl on girl biting.  

New Blood
Plot: After loosing her boyfriend, a depressed woman finds a new admirer who just happens to be a female vampire looking for a companion.

Selling Point:  Lots of girl on girl biting and fang shots featuring Annick Blanchard who's wearing a sexy catsuit throughout the movie.

The First Time
Plot: A female vampire takes notice of a beautiful young virgin and has to have her.

Selling Point: Nothing really that big a deal actually.  I just really love the vamp cleavage above.

As I mentioned, the sight has slowed down to a stop as far as new material goes but that doesn't make the old stuff not worth a look.  Even if you wait till the temporary price drops there is more than enough material to make it worth taking a look at even if it's not "Bram Stokers Dracula".

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  1. My favorite episodes are "Evil Colleague" and "Glass of Blood". But by far, one of the cutest and sexiest vampiresses ever is the one who played in the episodes "Amy" (parts 1 and 2). Andrea Croxen was great, but whomever played Amy was my favorite.