Thursday, February 28, 2013

Top 10 Sexiest Black Female Vampires of All Time

 It's pretty hard to believe that in the years I've been doing this blog I have never once ranked a top ten list of any type.  Part of the reason is that there are so many of them out there from the peak of the "Twilight" era.  Most of them list "all time" but only list vamps of the past decade or two which is pretty annoying for someone like me who's seen so many films in this genre.  Others just go with the cliche's (the better your film the higher you are on their list).  While I do plan on doing a full all inclusive list one day I figured the best time to start my first one would be a list that seemingly no one else has ever done before so what better way to say goodbye to the USA's month of black history than to single out the one group that many don't even know exist (yes, I've gotten many legitimate responses asking if there are any) The sexy black female vampire.

Now my criteria is pretty simple and every girl has to rank high in both to make it.  The first criteria is hotness of the actress.  The second criteria is the sexiness of the vampire character itself.  It is not enough for a hot actress to put on fangs and call it a day.  For example by this criteria Kate Beckinsale as Selene in Underworld probably doesn't make a top 10 sexy vampiresses of all times list as the character is purposely not trying to be sexy in that series (She would probably crack the top 10 if the list was just on vampire actresses though).

And without any further adieu lets start with #10.

#10 Cleo in "Vampz"
This was the one position that I had the most trouble figuring out.  Mostly because there were two women in this film that could have easily taken the spot.  Literally its the above scene in which she gets a mouth full of cross when she attempts to give a priest a blowjob (specifically what she's wearing) that gave her the nod over Playboy Playmate Serria Tawan (very top pick of blog).   

#9 Pauline Peart in "Satanic Rites of Dracula"
A nameless vamp but she has the significance of being the first black vampire to appear in a Dracula film and he picked a good one.  That would make her like the "Jackie Robinson" of Dracula's brides. 

#8 Gabriella Garza in "Port Charles"
 Gabby started out as a good girl.  She was adopted by a nice catholic hispanic family (hence the last name "Garza"), had a great job as a nurse and a fiance who was head over heels in love with her.  That is until she met Calib the vampire.  After that she hit on anything with two legs if it meant sinking her teeth into their neck.

 #7 Vampira in "Vampira/Old Dracula"
She wasn't always black and we don't know much about her before she was but what we do know is she is the precursor to the "Girls Gone Wild" party chick when she is awakened in her new ethnicity. 

#6 Arianna in "Bram Stokers Way of the Vampire"
While in many cases she comes off pretty bossy you can't ignore that she gets very sexual when it comes to blood drinking.  She turns a prostitute because she thought the girl was hot, bites a girl because guys were calling her a lesbian, kills a monk by biting him in his private sector and we finish it all off with her in her leather cheerleader/dominatrix gear.  She's pretty close to being a vampire dream girl.

#5 Tara Thornton in "True Blood"
The way Season 5 of the HBO vampire series started out she probably wouldn't have cracked a top 15.  The way it ended (and the way the previews of Season 6 ellude to) she is easily top 5 as she's now a hot lesbian vampire stripper.  Soon enough her screen time will consist of mostly vampire lesbian sex.

#4 Lillith in "Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood"
Lillith is the sexy stripper turned female plaything of busty blonde vampire Diana in the low budget 2004 "B" movie. Similar to Shelly Rio's Vegas Vampires character her only job was to look hot.  The thing that puts her this high on the list is the fact that she does it mostly in lingerie and her boss is a hot lesbian vampire.    

 #3 Rachel in "Vampire's Kiss"
Was she real or a figment of his warped imagination is the question this 1988 film asked.  Rachel had a tendency to show up in the middle of the night for the sole purpose of raping and draining Nicolas Cage till he went nuts (or maybe he was nuts first).  She was really jealous but looking the way she did most guys wouldn't give her much of a reason to show her jealous side.

#2 Vanessa in "Blade"
 Vanessa is better known as Blades milfy mom.  The first time we see her we aren't that sure who the hot black girl in her PJ's rubbing all over Deacon Frost is but all becomes clear (quite literally) during the Blade torture scene when mom comes to visit.  Even though she's talking to her son she's very seductive.  Sadly she doesn't make it passed that scene but she definitely made a lasting impression.  

and the #1 hottest black female vampire of all time is.........

#1 Akasha in "Queen of the Damned"
She is probably easily one of the top 5 female vampires of all time of any ethnicity so it is a no brainer to put her at #1 in this list.  Her voice, the way she walked and her domineering personality just scream sexy (also it didn't hurt that she was constantly half naked either).  On top of that, one look into her bright green vampiric eyes and hypnosis or not, running doesn't seem like the best option.  Let's face it, she was so hot that she turned a gay vampire straight and we all know Lestat was really, really gay.


  1. I would have put Robbi Chong from Poltergeist: Legacy atop this list personally. Also I thought Angela Bassett was extremely hot in the otherwise execrable vampire in Brooklyn.

    1. What kept Bassett's character Rita off the list was the fact that her character was anti-vampire during the time she was still hot. By the time she accepted it she looked like a Star Trek alien.

      Alex (Chong's character from Poltergeist)definitely rates higher than Rita. The only thing that keeps her off was that the 10 girls on this list were sluttier than she was.

    2. excellent points. I just gave Alex and Rita high marks for narrative context - the series regular good girl gone bad in the one case and the classy actress playing sympathetically drawn character struggling with her vampiric thirst in the other. These are the things that make life worth living.

    3. I ~loved~ the way Angela Basset looked after she turned. Excellent quad-fangs, and the hair and makeup only made her even sexier.

  2. Could've needed Tallulha from Bordello of Blood somwhere on it but otherwise it looks good.

    1. Tallulah is definitely sexy and would rank high on an all inclusive list. She was disqualified from this one for Juliet Reagh being Hispanic(Brazilian).

  3. jennifer beals played rachel in vampires kiss.
    she is not black.

    1. Beals is multi-racial. Her father was black and mother is white. I couldn't list half of her on here so I just went with listing all of her.

  4. #1 On my list is Lunden De'Leon from the movie Cryptz. Her mouth and lips are so perfect for her fangs, and she is STACKED. Very nice looking. A close second would be the other kind of light skinned vamp in the flick, don't know her name though. The scene where Linden is turned, OMG, such a turn on, lol